Friday, June 3, 2016


When a nation is under judgment, significant events take place at the borders.

And California is certainly a border.

California Admits It "Doesn’t Make Economic Sense" to raise minimum wage to $15, Locals Flee For Texas

California cities beg for minimum wage hike waivers

California’s $15 Minimum Wage Ends Apparel Industry Revival

California passes on honoring John Wayne, Bureaucrats Call Him Racist

California poised to become the center of cannabis culture

California wants to own copyrights on everything

Commercial crab fishing banned along California coast due to excessive radiation in seafood

Exodus Of People Moving Away From California Is Becoming An Avalanche

Number of homeless people increases in Los Angeles

San Francisco Home Prices: "This Is Troubling"

Shoplifting Runs Rampant In California After Rule Changes

The Dire Consequences of California’s $15 Minimum Wage

Thousands of "killer bees'' attack San Francisco residents over the weekend

UC Berkeley Forced to Cut 500 Jobs After $15 Minimum Wage Hike

Wheels Are Coming Off California’s Cap and Trade Looting Scheme


Just taking a look at how the tech companies in California are doing.

FLASHBACK: Silicon Valley Led the Effort for Same Sex Marriage

Amazon Plunges After Missing Q4 Revenue, Earnings As Concerns Emerge About Future Profitability

Apple's Losing Streak Is Nearing Historic Levels

Apple misses by a mile: Wipes out $43B

Apple Plunge Drags Entire Nasdaq Lower By 60 Points

Apple Tumbles After Missing Sales And Earnings, Guides Below Lowest Estimate

Apple Reports Massive Revenue Decline As iPhone Sales Plummet Dramatically

Apple Forecasts First Sales Drop Since 2003 on IPhone Slowdown

Apple could face legal action over 'Error 53': Experts claim the software update that renders iPhones unusable 'breaks laws'

Apple May Be on Hook for $8 Billion in Taxes in Europe Probe

Carl Icahn, David Einhorn Dump "No Brainer" Apple Shares

Facebook faces German antitrust privacy probe

Google Agrees to Pay $185 Million in U.K. Tax Settlement

Goldman removes Apple from 'conviction buy' list; Apple 'disappointed'

Google Offices In France Raided For Money Laundering And Financial Fraud

First It Was The Banks Reporting Horrendous Numbers, Now It’s Big Tech, Can Anything Save The System?

Dot-Com Bubble 2.0 Is Bursting: Tech Stocks Are Already Down Half A Trillion Dollars Since Mid-2015

For Silicon Valley, the Hangover Begins

How Silicon Valley is dealing with mental illness

Apple Suicide: Man With Head Wound Found Dead Inside Apple Conference Room; Gun Nearby

The Great Unicorn Die-Off: Tech (Sort-Of) Crashes, Much More To Come

The Second Tech Bubble Has Burst: Here Come The Mass Layoffs

Tech-stock wreck destroys $529B this year

The Mood In Silicon Valley Is Like The "Moment After The Titanic Hit An Iceberg"