Friday, May 27, 2016


Watching June 3:

Summit to advance peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians scheduled in Paris, France, for JUNE 3

Bro. Brian on Israel and the French peace initiative

Another Israel news update from Bro. Brian

Earthquake and Volcano warnings:

40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As The Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable

Forget Cascadia and San Andreas: A Hayward fault megaquake could cause 'greatest natural disaster ever to hit the US', warn experts

Yellowstone Volcano Report Drumbeats, More Quakes

Economic warnings:

Fed is on verge of making massive mistake warns Saxobank's Jakobsen

We're in the eye of a global financial hurricane

Paul Craig Roberts warns world financial system is on fire

Legend makes terrifying prediction, warns the biggest bubbles that would clearly bring down the financial system is the bond market

Warning signs are everywhere

De-Dollarization Accelerates As Russia Nears Launch Of Ruble-Priced Oil Trading Platform

De-Petrodollar-ization Esclates - China Imports Record Amount Of Russian Oil In April

FLASHBACK: Obama boasts in Britain, 'I saved the world economy as President'

War warnings:

John McTernan: Threat from Russian and Chinese warplanes mounts

John McTernan: Nato risks a nuclear war with Russia ‘within a year’, senior general warns

Russia, West closer to conflict says US defense official, 'Russians have shifted from competition ... to confrontation'

China’s blunt warning to America: ‘We’re ready for repeat of Korean War or Vietnam if U.S. military stirs up any conflict in South China Sea’

China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific amid tensions with US

The Relationship Between The United States And China Is Officially Going Down The Tubes

Retired Air Force General: Obama ‘Unilaterally Disarmed America’, Russia And China Are Humiliating Us