Tuesday, May 31, 2016


American Farmland Values Plunge Most In 30 Years

Benghazi 4

Create a Collapse Supply List Based on the Things They Are Out of in Venezuela

Drug dealers get amnesty

Ex-CEO of McDonald’s: $15 Minimum Wage ‘To Cause Job Loss … Like You’re Not Going to Believe’

Feds Order Colleges To Stop Checking Criminal/School Discipline History Of Prospective Employees Because It ‘Discriminates Against Minorities’

Google Doodle For Memorial Day…If You Can Find It

Hell - Why Do So Many Preachers In America Refuse To Talk About it?

Indiana University to sue state so it can continue experimenting on aborted babies’ body parts

Japanese prime minister publicly shames Obama over the 'despicable' murder of an Okinawa woman by US Marine amid mounting anger at American servicemen

Kerry overstates warming trend, says climate expert

Largest U.S. water reservoir at record low due to drought

Member Of Congress: It’s Easy ‘To Manipulate A Nation Of Naive, Self-Absorbed Sheep’

Negative rates are taxes in sheep's clothing

Obama not sure he smoked pot

Portland Public Schools Ban Material That Could Undermine Global Warming Hoax

Qiam missile launch highlights Third Underground Missile Site in Iran

Re-animation of the dead

Susan Rice: Too Many Whites On National Security Team Putting America At Risk

Tech Giants Vow to Tackle Online Hate Speech Within 24 Hours

Unemployment Claims Spike Again As We Get More Scientific Evidence The Middle Class Is Shrinking

Valerie Jarrett Credits Obama With Ending Two Wars

Why Our Children Should Hate Us - The Lance Simmens Article Banned By The Huffington Post

X-treme tornado in Kansas moves railroad tracks

Your city on socialism

Zoo in Russia names their black goat 'Obama'