Wednesday, April 27, 2016


CALIFORNIA FLU: 20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After Reports US Lab "Leaks" Deadly Virus In Ukraine

DENGUE FEVER: Hawaii declares state of emergency over dengue fever, Zika virus outbreak

ELIZABETHKINGIA: A mysterious cluster of killer bacterial infections is sweeping a US state in an outbreak that has experts baffled: Disease is resistant to most antibiotics

ELIZABETHKINGIA: Mysterious bacterial outbreak spreading through Wisconsin, US

ENTEROVIRUS D68: Enterovirus D68 linked to illegal immigration is behind fatal polio-like illness killing American children

HIV: Military appeals courts confront sexual activity by HIV-positive troops

HIV: 190 people in Indiana town diagnosed with HIV (USA Today)

HIV, HEPATITIS: More than 200 patients at NJ hospital possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis

HIV, HEPATITIS: Hospitals in 4 States Warn of Possible Exposure to Hepatitis, HIV

HPV: HPV Linked to Head and Neck Cancers

HPV: Gardasil is destroying young girls' ovaries and reproductive systems

HPV: 16-year-old girl became infertile from Gardasil vaccine: British Medical Journal Case Reports

KISSING BUG DISEASE: 300,000 Americans already infected with mysterious new parasite disease called 'the new AIDS'

LEGIONNAIRES: State of Emergency Declared As Legionnaires’ Disease Spikes in Flint Michigan

LYME DISEASE: Lyme disease–carrying ticks are now in half of all U.S. counties

MALARIA: Study shows high resistance to first-line malaria treatment

MEASLES: Measles outbreak hits Memphis

MYSTERY: Mystery Illness Sickens 185 College Students in Penn

PLAGUE: SOME of the deadliest diseases in history are making a comeback in the UK, and there are fears even the Black Death could return

STREET DRUGS: Wave of human zombies spreading across Florida due to 'spice' street drugs... cops called to 'horror-movie style scenes'

STREET DRUGS: Skid Row overdoses likely caused by tainted batch of street drug Spice

STREET DRUGS: Drug that is 200 times more potent than heroin is sweeping Chicago

SUPERBUGS: Superbugs to Kill Millions Soon?

Surge in babies born without brains in Washington State

SYPHILIS: Syphilis Rates Soar To Record Highs

SYPHILIS: CDC reports 75.5% of Syphilis Cases in 2014 Among Gay Men 'Where Sex of Sex Partner Was Known'

TUBERCULOSIS: TB cases increase in USA for first time in quarter century

ZIKA VIRUS: What They Are Not Telling You

ZIKA VIRUS: Zika outbreak alters Red Cross blood donor protocol