Monday, April 18, 2016


Since much has happened over the weekend with major earthquakes, economic turmoil and war threats, I felt today's post should be an update of the weekend's events. However there is also a second post for today, posted below this post, of Jason A's weekend video, which also includes coverage of the earthquakes that happened in Japan and Ecuador.


Green fireball strikes the sky of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa – Dashcam video

BIG M6 Solar Flare, New Earth-like Planet

Earthquake warnings:

Dozens Of Large Earthquakes Strike As Speculation Mounts That Japan’s Southern Island May Split (gg note: See 'Volcanoes' section below)

7.8 earthquake, strongest in decades, kills 246 in Ecuador

Why is the planet being struck by so many large earthquakes?

Series of powerful quakes could herald new MEGA quake, warns top scientist

Economic turmoil:

Legend Just Warned That All Hell Is About To Break Loose

The Fed sends a frightening letter to JPMorgan, the letter carried frightening passages and large blocks of redacted material in critical areas, instilling in any careful reader a sense of panic about the U.S. financial system, the letter the Fed and FDIC issued on April 12 to JPMorgan Chase, the country’s largest bank with over $2 trillion in assets and $51 trillion in notional amounts of derivatives, things are decidedly not under control

"This Will All Blow Up In The Fed's Face," Schiff Warns "Trump's Right, America Is Broke"

UBS: $1 Trillion Junk Bond Bubble Just a Slowdown Away From Popping

What in the World is Going on with Banks this Week? Emergency meetings, banker summits, crashing European banks, and the worst bank reports since the Great Recession

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi King and Princes Blackmail U.S. Government, are telling the U.S. Government, they’ll wreck the U.S. economy, if a bill in the U.S. Congress that would remove the unique and exclusive immunity the royal owners of that country enjoy in the United States, against their being prosecuted for their having financed the 9/11 attacks, passes in Congress, and becomes U.S. law

Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is fracturing

How Saudi Arabia Dangerously Undermines the United States–New York Post

Families of 9/11 Victims Lob a Damning Accusation at President Obama

Saudi Arabia to Nuke the Dollar? Predictive Programming in Movie Rollover?

War threats:

APR 16: Russian Jet Threatened U.S. Recon Aircraft

APR 17: US officials report two Russian aircraft flew within feet of a American Navy destroyer nearly a dozen times in the Baltic Sea

APR 17: Iran parades parts of advanced S-300 missile battery in Tehran


APR 16: 3 volcanoes erupt simultaneously on April 16, 2016: Villarrica (Chile), Mt. Cleveland (USA), Colima (Mexico)

APR 17: Scientists raise the threat level of Alaska's Cleveland Volcano from yellow to orange after a lower-level eruption

APR 18: After Colima volcano, Popocatepetl volcano erupts in Mexico

FLASHBACK, JAN 2016: Popocatepetl, the California Mega Earthquake and Joe Brandt’s Dream (gg note: Interesting to note that in Brandt's dream, he saw a 'Japanese island fall into the sea' about the same time as the eruption of Popocatepetl, and considering Michael Snyder's post linked above that some scientists are concerned about Japan's southern island may split.)


APR 15: 10 Earthquakes Near Yellowstone Super Caldera Volcano - Mary Greeley

APR 16: Coming M5.0 Earthquake For Yellowstone? - Mary Greeley

APR 17: Get Prepared For A Disaster! Yellowstone, Drum Beats, and Earthquakes - Mary Greeley

APR 17: Yellowstone Volcano M3.2 Earthquake- Is a Bigger One Coming? - Mary Greeley

APR 17: Yellowstone Eruption In 2016? Shocking New Video Shows What Is Really Going On At Yellowstone - Michael Snyder