Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Two posts today, this one and WHEN PEOPLE GET SICK below.

Thank you for your prayers -- we made it thru last night's storms. The tornadoes stayed north of us, we had really strong winds that brought down tree limbs but nothing more serious.

A couple of quick updates:

Central America had a major earthquake just 2 days after Harvest Army posted a prediction for Central America/Caribbean region.


In Monday's post, I linked to a Harvest Army YouTube that spoke of several prophetic words, including one about a 'prominent politician in the US will go down suddenly.'

Monday's post

Here is a story I saw this morning. If Hastert goes to prison, this would seem to qualify as fulfillment.

Ex-speaker Hastert faces prison… One of highest-ranking pols in American history to be incarcerated, will find out his fate Wednesday

"If that happens, Hastert, who was second in the line of succession to the presidency after the vice president and the nation’s longest-serving GOP speaker, would become one of the highest-ranking politicians in American history ever to be incarcerated."

And BPEarthWatch had noted a buoy anomaly in his post that I linked to, also in Monday's post. Well, Mary Greeley is reporting that it is possible that a submarine, possibly either Russian or North Korean, may have inadvertently snagged the buoy. Or it could have been a meteor impact.

Did A Russian Sub Snag New Jersey Tsunami Buoy?


COSTA RICA: 73 earthquakes in 12 hours strike between two volcanoes

MEXICO: 6.0 quake offshore of Chiapas

Tokyo Races Against Quake That Will Shake World on `X' Day (Bloomberg)

Planet on red alert for catastrophic megaquake as major tremors strike daily

Economic turmoil:

Wait, what?: Obama Boasts In Britain: I Saved The World Economy As President

“Saving the world economy from a Great Depression — that was pretty good,” Obama bragged when asked by a student in London what he wanted his legacy to be.


Let's see who begs to differ.

RON PAUL: "What Did Fed Chairman Yellen Tell Obama?"

The no-win situation the Fed finds itself in is a sign that we are reaching the inevitable collapse of the fiat currency system. Unless immediate steps are taken to manage the transition, this collapse could usher in an economic catastrophe dwarfing the Great Depression. (emphasis mine)

GREGORY MANNARINO: Biggest Financial Bubble in History Will Engulf World

DOUG CASEY: "It's The Next Stage Of The Greater Depression..."

JOHN EMBRY: 50-Year Veteran Warns A Massive Reset Of The World Financial System Is Coming

JIM WILLIE: Next Comes GLOBAL Lehman Moment!

BO POLNY: Greatest Bubble in the History of Man is Ready to Burst!

MICHAEL BURRY: “I just did the math. Every bit of my logic is telling me the global financial system is going to collapse.”