Monday, April 25, 2016


Two posts today, this one and NEWS NUMBERS after this one.

Had a big 'Wait, what?' moment this weekend. Apparently in the early hours of Sunday morning, earth's 'magnetosphere' collapsed.

Earth’s “Magnetosphere” COLLAPSED in space TODAY for two+ hours! Trouble ahead for all of us

I thought it had to be joke but if it truly was a legit event, perhaps BPEarthWatch commented on it, and he did.

Alarming 2 Hour Collapse of Earth's Shields/180' Waves/Atlantic

BP notes the likely involvement of CERN and that a similar anomaly occurred in mid April and that CERN was running at that time:


In the article linked to above, My Daily Informer notes:

DEVASTATING EFFECTS UPON EARTH: This magnetic juggling act can have devastating effects upon Earth. This is not a small magnetic situation; it is HUGE . . . planetary HUGE. When something this large happens to earth's magnetic fields, it can trigger massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unpredictable ocean currents and tides. The blast of heat energy that managed to get through the magnetoPAUSE during this time on the dayside of the planet, will have sent a large surge of heat energy into the exposed ocean areas, increasing water temperatures enough to cause severe storms.

Curiously, HarvestArmy had posted a YouTube about 24 hours prior to this news coming out about multiple severe 'earth events' coming upon the earth. (1)

I am wondering if several of these events might occur because of what happened to the magnetosphere early Sunday morning since My Daily Informer noted some of the results of what happened to the magnetosphere could be earthquakes and ocean events.

Here is the YouTube:

PROPHECIES: (Spain, Germany, Indian Ocean, Russia, USA, China, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Middle East)

Here is a list of the multiple prophecies he gives:

Indian Ocean will be 'troubled' shortly
Major subway event, NE USA, shortly
Major darkness coming to Cuba, China
Prominent politician in USA will go down suddenly
Middle East will experience another uprising shortly
Sri Lanka will experience a major earthquake shortly
Russia will experience a major earthquake shortly
Major train tragedy in Germany shortly
Major earthquake in Spain


California; Earthquake Fears Grow! 170 major quakes around the ring of fire since the end of 2014 and not one near California: Is the big one about to hit?

MEGA-QUAKE Predicted By Scientist With Accurate Track Record

Ecuador shaken by 4 strong earthquakes on April 22

Northwest Arizona earthquake swarm continues – geologists puzzled by cause


Indonesia: Authorities evacuate over 10,000 as Mount Kerinci volcano shows increasingly intense eruptions over the last two weeks

Nicaragua: San Cristobal volcano erupts April 22, 2016

Russia: Eurasia's largest volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka spews hot ash "miles" into the sky on Sunday


1. I don't know much about HarvestArmy and only found them a few weeks ago. I don't know anything about where they are on Biblical beliefs, and will try to find out more. My linking to this YouTube is not an endorsement, just that it might be worth watching just to see how accurate this preacher is, but must admit I've been impressed with this church's emphasis on the need for repentance and to turn to Jesus Christ to be saved.