Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Two posts today, this one and the one below.

From time to time this blog takes a look how those 379 companies that pushed for same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court are doing. Among those 379 companies are several major American banks. In light of this next article, of which it is interesting to note that JPMorgan is one of the 379 . . .

Yellen: JPMorgan Chase Threatens America's Economy

I thought we could see if there have been any other interesting news articles about some of those other major banks.

And there are.

Top six U.S. Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

Here Are The Banks The Market Is Most Concerned About


Wells Fargo Is Bad, But Citi Is Worse

Citi: "We Have A Problem"

Deutsche Bank:

Deutsche Bank wounded, lashes out at central bankers: stop easing, you are crushing us

Deutsche Bank Stock Crashes To Record Low

"Investors Have Completely Lost Faith In Deutsche Bank" A Top 10 Shareholder Admits

Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion have been confirmed by the pending sale of $1.1 TRILLION in derivatives to 3 US big banks

Deutsche Bank Tumbles After CEO Says Bank Won't Be Profitable This Year

Goldman Sachs:

Goldman Closes "Top Trade For 2016" With 5.4% Loss Just 11 Days Into 2016, As US Banks Tumble

Goldman Sachs' fourth-quarter earnings essentially wiped out, bank to pay $5 billion settlement related to residential mortgage-backed securities it sold between 2005 and 2007

Goldman Pays Fine For Causing 2008 Crisis As “The Rest of the World Faced Financial Armageddon”

Goldman Earnings Plunge 55% In Worst Quarter Since 2011; Average Compensation Crashes


Gay or straight? JPMorgan wants to know sexual preference of their employees

Morgan Stanley:

Morgan Stanley Profit Plunges By More Than 50% As Trading Revenue Tumbles 40%

Wells Fargo:

Wells Fargo's Problem Emerges: $17 Billion In Junk Energy Exposure

Wells Fargo Misjudged the Risks of Energy Financing (Bloomberg)