Wednesday, March 16, 2016


This blog went on a 'watch' for the 40 days after winter storm Jonas struck Washington, D.C. on January 23. For those posts click on 'Winter Storm Jonas' in the 'Labels' category. During that 40-day watch period, numerous warnings about asteroids, earthquakes, economic turmoil, and war threats appeared. These have not abated.


While we here on earth experienced no dramatic encounter with an asteroid during our 40-day watch, which ended March 3rd, the American Meteor Society is reporting 6 major fireballs' over the U.S. since March 1st,  for which they have no explanation for why they occurred.

6 major fireball events in March 2016 and nobody knows why

NASA claims 2013 TX68 passed us by, but apparently it was traveling in a cluster. According to BP Earth Watch, some of these asteroids in this cluster that will approach earth today were just discovered on MARCH 14! AND BP notes that there are not one, but TWO approaching comets. The first comet (252P Linear) should become visible in the northern hemisphere after March 21.


MARCH 14: The Eye and The Comet of God

MARCH 8: 2 Comets/Closest to Earth in 246 Years/2 Weeks

Please note, I am not saying these comets will impact earth. There are always some knuckleheads out there who think that is what I am 'implying,' but I am not. I think these things flying by earth are very fascinating, but there should always be some level of vigilance as (a) comets do 'drag debris' (as BP notes), and are known to sometimes cause reactions from the sun, and (b) asteroids do become meteors (fireballs) on occasion. And not to mention that President Obama did mock asteroids in 2010, when he signed his Obamacare into law.



Speaking of cracks . . . or fracks . . .

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Economic turmoil:

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War threats:

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