Monday, March 7, 2016


Just keeping my finger on the pulse of several news stories.

Watching 2013 TX68:

NASA narrows 2013 TX68 asteroid pass to 22 hour window: March 7 at 1 pm until March 8 at 11 am

NASA changes data on Asteroid 2013 TX68 for the third time; 2013 TX68 may be traveling in a cluster of several asteroids

Incoming Asteroid Passing Extremely Close: “If It Doesn’t Hit Earth, May Strike Something Around Us!”

VP Biden in Israel tomorrow:

White House claims that though Biden will meet with Netanyahu and Abbas (but not at the same time) that there will be no push made on the peace process, and that President Obama claims that he will not be expecting any breakthroughs before he leaves office.

Netanyahu Plays Down Rift with US Ahead of Biden Visit

In fact, 'seasoned observers' suspect there is another reason Biden's in Israel.

Is Biden's Israel visit opening shot for White House bid?

US saber-rattles China . . . :

U.S. just sent a carrier strike group to confront China

and North Korea:

North Korea threatens 'pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice' as U.S. and South Korean troops begin their largest ever military drills on the peninsula

North Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike on US and South Korea over joint large military exercises

Joint US and South Korea military exercises run from MARCH 7 to APRIL 30


Supreme Court halts Louisiana abortion law which forced some abortion clinics to close; move may reflect court's decision in similar Texas law

Earthquake warning:

This Is What Would Happen If A 9.0 Earthquake Hit The Cascadia Subduction Zone

David Wilkerson:

URGENT MESSAGE of March 7, 2009