Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. --Matthew 24:9


Justice Kennedy to Christians referencing same-sex marriage and abortion: If you won't uphold the law, then resign; reminds Harvard law student audience that this is what Christian judges did when Hitler came to power

Costly beliefs: State squeezes last penny from bakers who defied lesbian-wedding cake order

Christians in New Mexico forced to pay thousands in fines for refusing to photograph same-sex wedding

Kentucky tells chaplains working in the prison system that they will lose their credentials and their jobs if they teach homosexuality is a sin

Maryland high school student given failing grades for refusing to recite Islamic profession of faith; father threatened with arrest when he complained

More and more Christians in AMERICA are being forced to participate in homosexual weddings or face losing everything


‘The Time Is Coming That Whoever Kills You Will Think That He Is Offering A Service To God’

Shooter in Oregon asked people their religion, shot those who claimed Christ in the head

Major ISIS Leader Sends Out This Message To The Islamic World: “Kill Any Christians You Can Find

ISIS says murder of Christian man was 'a lesson to others'

ISIS Burns Christians Alive in Locked Caskets

2015 “the most violent year in modern history for Christians.”

And hated:

Atheist Group Bullies Oklahoma Schools into Halting Free Bible Distribution

Christ Hidden in Our Schools, While Muhammad Roams the Halls Freely

Atheists try to stop Christian ministries from helping ex-convicts

CNN now openly glorifying Satanists while vilifying Christians and Jews

CBS show 'Angel from Hell' mocks Christianity

US Air Force Academy hostile to Christianity but funds witchcraft and voodoo

NASA declares that the name of JESUS may NOT be printed in its newsletter

Biden Says Bible Believing Christians Violate LGBT Rights By Simply Existing

Kirk Cameron: ‘Go to My Facebook Page, and You’ll See Plenty of Intolerance’

Planned Genocide Spox Lena Dunham: I Would Punch Ignorant Pro-Lifers in the Face

Huckabee: Gays 'Won't Stop Until There Are No More Churches' No More People 'Spreading the Gospel'

Pastor: 'I never thought' my nation would persecute 'Bible-believing' Christians

Persecution Against U.S. Christians On the Rise

The Persecution Of Christians Is Intensifying As Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The Entire World

'New Morality' Movement Pushes Big to Silence Christians

We have now moved to a place where it is nearly "impossible to believe" anything Godly or eternal without ridicule; this stage of disbelief will eventually give way to a perspective where it might be "illegal and immoral to believe"

Rev. Graham: ‘America Is Being Systematically Stripped of its Christian Heritage’ By Politicians ‘Hostile to Christianity’