Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Abortionist caught with containers of aborted babies in his car

Anti-Porn Group Adds Justice Department to Its 2016 ‘Dirty Dozen’ List

Beyoncé's Halftime Show: Absence of light does matter

Black Congresswoman Calls White Congressman Racist Because He’s Upset Black Babies Are Aborted

Cardinal Wuerl on Election: Abortion 'Fundamental Issue,' Has Taught Generation 'It's Alright to Kill'

I Will Not Allow My Daughter To Be A Victim Of Gender Equality

“A nation that conscripts its daughters for its defense is a nation that no longer deserves a defense.”

‘New York Values’: ‘GuyFi’ Lets Men Masturbate in Public in Manhattan

New York Magazine Makes Light Of Female Genital Mutilation

Professor at Perdue threatens to rape pro-life students in online rant, but Perdue defends with 'free speech'; pastor in Texas arrested for preaching against sodomy, but arrested for 'offending' with his message and told there is no free speech (language alert)

Super 'Toilet' Bowl: City scorched for open-air 'pee' wall

The Nauseating Spectacle That Is The State Of The Union Address
(gg note: this one's pretty blunt)

Tony Perkins: Courts Have 'Gravely Weakened' American Family With Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage

Rush: This Steelers-Bengals disgrace says everything about American culture

White House promises Obama's going to get the 'heroin epidemic back in the box'

Franklin Graham:

Pastor Graham is warning, repeatedly, that this country is headed on a collision course with God.

Rev. Graham: Gay Marriage, Transgenders, 'Just the Beginning of a Moral Onslaught on This Nation'

Rev. Graham on Transgenders: ‘We Don’t Need Men and Predators Going Into Women’s Bathrooms’ – ‘That’s Wicked’

Rev. Graham on SOTU: ‘Our Nation is Broken – It’s Broken Morally, It’s Broken Spiritually, It’s Broken Politically’