Friday, February 12, 2016


Some of these warnings are quite dire:

22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning - Michael Snyder

A 918 Point Stock Market Crash In Japan And Deutsche Bank Denies That It Is About To Collapse - Michael Snyder

America's economic freedom has declined rapidly under President Obama

"China Banks Seem To Be Doing Whatever They Can To Avoid Paying Anyone In Dollars"

Day Of Reckoning: The Collapse Of The Too Big To Fail Banks In Europe Is Here

Dear Barack... You Forgot To Mention A Few Things

Debt, defaults, and devaluations: why this market crash is like nothing we’ve seen before

Deutsche Bank Potentially On The Verge Of Triggering A Second Global Recession, The $600 Trillion Or So In Derivatives Will Take Down All The Major Banks Should The Dominoes Begin To Fall

Dot-Com Bubble 2.0 Is Bursting: Tech Stocks Are Already Down Half A Trillion Dollars Since Mid-2015

Economic Activity Is Slowing Down Much Faster Than The Experts Anticipated - Michael Snyder

Fed Starts To Walk Back Its Rate Hike

Glencore's "Investment Grade" Bonds Just Took Out September Crash Lows: Downgrade To Junk Imminent

FLASHBACK OCT 2016: Glencore Explains What Would Happen If It Is Downgraded To Junk

Global Stocks Continue To Crash As Oil Plummets And Gold Skyrockets - Michael Snyder

Next crash worse than 1929 and 2008 combined

Retail Apocalypse: 2016 Brings Empty Shelves And Store Closings All Across America - Michael Snyder

Ron Paul: Be Prepared for the Worst

The Federal Reserve just made another huge mistake - Michael Snyder

The US economic collapse, forecast 30 years ago, has begun

The Wheels Just Fell Off: US Trucking Has Not Been This Bad Since The Financial Crisis

They fall down, go boom! Obama economy killing businesses

This Jaw-Dropping Indicator Was Last Seen During The Great Depression

Time For Torches and Pitchforks——-The Little Guy Is About To Get Monkey-Hammered Again

US Economy: On A Knife's Edge

Wolf Richter: Declining Profits at Big Companies May Signal Recession

"Zombie Ships" - Why Global Shipping Is Even Worse Than The Baltic Dry Suggests

Watching South America . . . :

ARGENTINA: "It's a race against time!" Nearly 1 million hectares affected by worst locust infection since 1954 in Argentina!

BRAZIL: Zika Virus Threatens "Disaster In Rio" Olympics As WHO Declares Global Emergency

BRAZIL: Can the Rio Olympics 2016 survive the Zika virus outbreak?

VENEZUELA: This Is What The Death Of A Nation Looks Like: Venezuela Prepares For 720% Hyperinflation

VENEZUELA: Venezuela is on the brink of complete economic collapse

VENEZUELA: Colombia claims Venezuela is hiding hundreds of thousands of Zika virus cases

and Greece, again

Greece Slides Back Into Recession Amid Riots, Rewewed "Grexit" Calls