Thursday, January 21, 2016


A lot of warnings since the first of the month. And I didn't even link to all of them! Economic warnings tomorrow.


Warnings of catastrophe in California:

On October 23, a wellhead blew in Aliso Canyon near Los Angeles, California, and toxic methane and dangerous other chemicals are now spewing at an unbelievable rate into the air. ENE News is keeping on top of this story.

JAN 14: Experts: Multiple types of radioactive material constantly being emitted from LA gas blowout — “I’d be running like hell” — “We are getting higher and higher levels…it’s accumulating” — “Poisons spreading through entire San Fernando Valley” home to 2 million people — “Thousands getting sick… it really is a major, major disaster”

JAN 9: Radioactive material reportedly now being released from massive gas blowout in LA — Byproduct of Uranium — Expert: “A lot” has been detected in area… Very dangerous… May be coming up from ground into people’s homes — Official: Levels can cause “significant long-term health effects”

JAN 8: State of Emergency now underway for L.A. gas blowout — Oil begins raining down on homes — Official: “It’s on the brink of pandemonium” — Many worry plume will ignite, cause explosion — Concern over geysers, sinkholes being created — Company: Experts have “never seen anything like this”

JAN 5: Doctors: “Very unusual” infections being reported around massive gas blowout in LA… “If you’re able to leave do it now, I’m telling you it’s really critical” — Official: Toxic plume is spreading far away, it’s a national disaster

JAN 4: Unprecendented catastrophe underway near Los Angeles; Largest gas leak ever recorded — “Equivalent to strength of a volcanic eruption” — “Thousands suffer nose bleeds, vomiting” — “Potentially devastating on planetary scale” — Expert: “It’s so far above and beyond what I’ve ever seen”

Warnings about the Cascadia faultline off Oregon:

Heads Up 20- 30 Days Until Large Cascadia Earthquake? Straight of Juan de Fuca Slowing Moving Quakes


Warnings that El Nino is going to be tough:

'Godzilla' El Niño is getting BIGGER: Weather system could be the most powerful of its kind on record, warn scientists

Worst of El Nino Is Yet to Come


Warnings that our oceans are dying:

JAN 17: Thousands of squid wash ashore dead in Chile

JAN 13: “Carcasses littering beaches for miles” on Pacific coast of Alaska — “Complete reproductive failure” — “Horrifying… Horrid… Mind-boggling… Off the charts” — Unprecedented die-off “has potential to be biggest mortality event in state history” — “The most extreme I’ve ever seen”

JAN 7: Sickened animals “unlike anything doctors have ever seen” on West Coast — “They’re eating themselves from the inside” — Cancers… liver, pancreas, intestines shut down… infested with parasites and immune to antibiotics — Unprecedented catastrophe to cause loss of 200,000 sea lions

DEC 30: Baby whales dying along West Coast from unknown cause — Gov’t experts request rush on tissue testing — Scientist: “May have been born weak” — Carcasses washing up on beaches in US, Canada, Mexico — Highly endangered whale “died from abnormal blood clot formations in heart and lungs”

DEC 14: Journalist: “Nobody even talks about Fukushima anymore… there’s almost no more fish… the ocean is dying, it’s terrifying” — Gov’t warns public to expect alarming increase in deaths on West Coast — “Fish… are just too hard to find” — “Chaos below the surface” — Official: “We are preparing for worst”

Unusual never before seen tiny jellyfish-like creatures spotted in the waters off Queensland Australia this weekend

FLASHBACK JUNE 2011: Are jellyfish a harbinger of dying seas?

Warnings that our nation is broken:

Rev. Graham on SOTU: ‘Our Nation is Broken – It’s Broken Morally, It’s Broken Spiritually, It’s Broken Politically’


Warnings that Israel won't let Iran get a nuclear bomb:

Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons: Netanyahu


Warnings on Washington, D.C.

President Obama signed an executive order on Saturday the 16th to lift the economic sanctions on Iran. Now, before the week is even out, this huge winter storm that is threatening 50 million people is bearing down on Washington, D.C.

It's being reported that President Obama's motorcade got stuck in gridlock because of light snow that was falling.

Drudge screen shot:

National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center is warning of heavy, "perhaps crippling" snow across the northern mid-Atlantic region, including Washington, D.C.

The biggest storm in DC's history the "Knickerbocker Storm" of 1922 set to be blown away by unprecedented snowfall and wind set to arrive on Friday: 30" of snow by Sunday!

Winter Storm "Jonas" to hit the US East Coast with heavy snowfall and strong winds, coastal flooding possible

The "Historic" Winter Blizard Was Just Upgraded To A "Potentially Epic Winter Blockbuster"

3.0 earthquake rattles northern Virginia


Warnings that judgment is coming on America:

Judgment On America? We Are On Pace For The Worst Year For Wildfires In All Of U.S. History!

Why Is The United States Being Hit By So Many Fires, Floods And Earthquakes?

Michael Snyder: America is now under God's judgment