Friday, January 15, 2016


2 million jobs will be lost because of Obamacare over the next ten years

7 million have cut the cord to ESPN in the past two years

11 million acres burned in 2015 in worst wildfire season

34 million green cards from Obama

45 million Americans now on food stamps

62 million cubic feet of methane lost into the atmosphere each day in unstoppable Aliso Canyon blowout

94 million Americans not in the workforce

100 million plus guns sold in US since Obama became president

Millions opt out of Obamacare, choose to pay find

Millions of people killed by prescription drugs, chemotherapy and medical mistakes since January 1, 2000

Millions of cars sold in the USA automatically call the police and report your 'crimes' without your knowledge


Now to the money:

$3 million credit card scheme in New Jersey, a dozen Muslims charged

$4.4 million to each of the 53 Americans held hostage by Iran in 1979, to be paid by TAXPAYERS, NOT Iran

$8 million for Obama's 17-day Hawaii vacation

$15.5 million conned from US taxpayers by IRS imposters

$46 million in wrongly issued IRS tax refunds

$70 million for the Obama getaways

$230 million lost in Spanish 'Solyndra, US taxpayers to pay the bill

$400 million from Disney to push 'Junglep*ssy' onto kids

$500 million lost in retail sales for specialty apparel due to really warm winter

$553 million from the US government to Planned Parenthood during 2015

$700 million spent by Obama to promote homosexual tolerance abroad

$770 million spent by Obama for overseas mosques