Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I warn you, some of these are real doozies!

Clearly, We Need More Shame And Judgment In Our Society

Barack Obama and the End of Western Civilization
(gg note: This article concludes with an endorsement for a political candidate. Please note, I am not including this article because of McCann's endorsement but because of the listing of the several ways (but not all) that Barack Obama has caused America to sink.)

Everything bad is skyrocketing under Obama

Obama has just begun, why you should worry about his last year in office

100 Facts About The Moral Collapse Of America That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Planned Parenthood: “Imagine A Land Where Abortions And Birth Control Are Free And Plentiful . . . This place exists."

Buying Sex Is a Human Right? Amnesty International Endorses ‘Decriminalization' of Prostitution

Man shows how easy it is for pedophiles to prey on young girls on social media; lure three girls out of their homes as parents watch on in horror

Sex crimes on New York's subways have dramatically surged this past year

STD epidemic is sweeping the US with cases of chlamydia reaching 'record levels' - while gonorrhea and syphilis are also on the rise

America Is Charlie Sheen: The CDC Says There Are 20,000,000 New STD Cases In America Each Year

Dem. Sen. to Obama: Fight for father, adopted son to 'marry'

Pastor: ‘Government As Parent Has Destroyed the Black Family’, Made ‘Black Fatherhood Irrelevant’

Violent Crime Is Surging In Major U.S. Cities And The Economy Is Not Even Crashing Yet

The Two Major Reasons Why America Is Dead On Arrival

The nine dynamics of decay

Americans no longer believe in their institutions

Why Moral Values Matter

Dr. James White on society’s apathy about morality

God's Not Really That Holy, I'm Not Really That Bad
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Swasey's Last Sermon