Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Stocks and Bonds warnings:

December 16, 2015—–When The End Of The Bubble Begins

December 14th To 18th: A Week Of Reckoning For Global Stocks If The Fed Hikes Interest Rates? - Michael Snyder

10 Warning Signs The World Will See A Terrifying Collapse In 2016

The Fed's Painted Itself Into The Most Dangerous Corner In History - Why There Will Soon Be A Riot In The Casino

Another High Yield Domino Falls As $900 Million Lucidus Capital Liquidates

The Eerie Echo Of 2007: It Really Is Bear Stearns, All Over Again

When the next crisis hits, it will be five times worse than the Lehman event within the United States in 2008

"Something Disquieting Is Afoot" For U.S. Bond Markets

"Nobody Could Have Possibly Seen This Coming"

It Starts: Junk-Bond Fund Implodes, Investors Stuck, and the Next Crisis hasn't even begun yet

Business warnings:

Wholesale Inventories Sink Q4 GDP Hope, Sales-Ratio Signals Looming Recession

Middle class warnings:

The shrinking middle class: one more sign of America’s economic collapse

Sayonara Middle Class: 22 Stunning Pieces Of Evidence That Show The Middle Class In America Is Dying

Global warnings:

The IMF Just Entered The Cold War, Forgives Ukraine's Debt To Russia

The world economic order is collapsing, and this time there seems to be no way out

The Global Commodity Crash Tells Us That A Major Deflationary Financial Crisis Is Imminent

Plunging Into Difficult Economic Times: “Worst Global Dollar GDP Recession In 50 Years”

Baltic Dry Index Plummets to New All-Time Low – 484 Points!

Away From Dollar: Russia, China to Create Entirely Different Gold Market


This Is What A Financial Crisis Looks Like

25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse

And Watching South America:

"Dark" Days Ahead: Main Power Supplier For Brazil Olympic Games Pulls Out

Brazil Faces Disastrous Downgrade Debacle: Here's What You Need To Know