Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Yep, Monday morning's 4.7 earthquake woke me up. The house did not shake too much, but it was just enough to get my attention. Laid awake for awhile, but did not feel any of the several aftershocks that our local noon news said we had.

With that in mind, here are some recent earthquake articles (with a couple of volcano ones thrown in):


NOV 30: 4.7 magnitude quake among seven recorded in Oklahoma on Monday

NOV 30: M4.7 earthquake rattles Oklahoma, largest oil storage facility in North America (Mary Greeley youtube)

NOV 30: Oklahoma's 4.7 on Monday registered at Yellowstone (Mary Greeley youtube)

NOV 29: Experts warn it's only a matter of time before Oklahoma is rocked by 'big one'

NOV 26: Oklahoma Leads The World In Seismic Activity As 2015 Quake Count Tops 5,000

NOV 23: 4.7 quake rattles Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas


DEC 2: Scientists could spark MEGAQUAKE as they drill below Earth's crust for first time

NOV 30: Yellowstone update, magma and shaking

NOV 25: Multiple earthquakes shake the New Madrid Seismic Zone

AUG 25: Scientists study large swarm of more than 5,700 earthquakes in northern Nevada

AUG 12: Tik-Tok: Seismologists say a year-long swarm of 5,610 earthquakes in Nevada linked to volcanic activity

AUG 15: Yellowstone eruption could cause up to 90,000 immediate casualties

AUG 2: Recent Dead Sea Earthquake Ushering In End of Days Prophecy

JULY 20: The Really Big One, An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when. (The New Yorker)

JULY 14: Scientists Getting Ready for the Big One in Northwest - John McTernan

JUNE 28: The Most Dangerous Mountain In The United States: What Would Happen If Mt. Rainier Erupted? - Michael Snyder

JUNE 15: Scientists study strange 4.7 quake that struck Wyoming two years ago

JUNE 15: Scientists study unusual (and very rare) earthquake swarm that struck Alabama in November 2014

JUNE 10: World may see a bigger number of large earthquakes, says Singapore professor

MAY 29: New study finds major faults offshore in southern California could trigger large earthquakes, tsunamis (Science and Technology)