Thursday, December 24, 2015


John McTernan: 8 Ways to Identify Apostasy

'Fairy tale': Many pastors don't believe Jesus born of virgin

Hillsong Church Rendition Of ‘Silent Night’ Features Roaring 20’s Flappers In Nightclub Setting

“Thinking of giving Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling to friends and family for Christmas? – ‘Merry Christmas’ from Sarah Young’s False Christ!”

Jesus Calling Presents a “New Age” False Christ

Oprah's latest attempt to introduce New Age spirituality to evangelical church

Wesleyan Church now going down contemplative, emergent church path

Are Christian Leaders Leading the Church Down the Broad Road of Delusion?

The Ultimate Reconciliation of All: What the Bible Says

Atheists claim Bible calls for the killing of non-believers

Pastor Tony Smith And The False Doctrine Of The Black Hebrew Roots Movement

The Left's Muslim Replacement Theology for Jews, Muslims are the new Jews; time to get rid of the old Jews

Rick Warren’s Dangerous Ecumenical Pathway to Rome And How One Interview Revealed So Much

Rick Warren Teaching The Storehouse Tithing Heresy To Christians, When you get to the end of Rick Warren's video and he is telling his congregation that "people won't be in Heaven because you didn't tithe 10%

Pope Francis Hopes for Global and Transformational Agreement on Climate Change

Pope Francis preaches cult climate religion

Pope Francis Issues Decree That Jews Should Not Be Told About Salvation In Jesus Christ

Wiesenthal Center Applauds Vatican’s New Position That, Contrary To The New Testament, JEWS DO NOT NEED TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST FOR SALVATION

Pope Francis Declares No One Can Claim They Are Saved

Pope: Fundamentalism 'Disease of All Religions'

Pope: Christians, Muslims Are 'Brothers'

Pew: Millions Leaving the Christian Faith, Islam Seeing Big Gains

I'm Christian, and I love the Quran

Wheaton College Professor Will Wear Hijab During Her Advent Worship Because Allah is the Same as Her Christian God

Parish Church Strips Out Crosses, Pulpit, Pews For The Comfort of Migrants

Clergyman declares from pulpit that American Christians are un-American to oppose Obama's resettling of thousands of Muslim refugees in America, and that though Americans faced possible harm from these refugees, it is the price we must pay to be Christians

'Star Wars' nativity scenes? In churches? Pastors call on 'The Force' to fill pews this Christmas season

Jedi church says new Star Wars film leading to boom in followers

A New Religion Awakens

Obama claims at lighting of National Christmas Tree that all faiths are based on the values of Jesus