Thursday, November 5, 2015


World Net Daily has another article by forensic profiler Andrew G. Hodges on President Obama, this time taking a look at what Obama is 'really saying' when speaking of his Iran deal.

Obama's rage fueling Iran deal, forensic profiler says; 'Staggering image reveals plans to threaten world by changing nuclear bomb climate'

Hodges notes in this article, "He warns us he’s slipping mentally – his judgment impaired."

On October 28, Michael Snyder also wondered if Obama is mentally slipping.

‘Mentally Unstable’ Obama Looking To Start A War With China?

These two men are not the first to question Obama's mental stability. Here are 8 others who have connected Obama's name to words associated with madness.

OCT 2015: Unnamed EU diplomat says his government thinks Obama is mentally ill

MAY 2015: Ben Carson Defends Comments Comparing Obama to 'Psychopath'

SEPT 2014: Ralph Peters: 'Psychological Problem' Makes Obama Indecisive

APRIL 2014: Is Obama a psychopath?

DEC 2013: The Schizophrenia of Barack Obama

FEB 2013: Bob Woodward: Obama is showing a kind of madness I haven't seen in a long time

AUG 2012: A Shrink Asks: What’s Wrong With Obama?

APRIL 2010: French leader Sarkozy slams Obama, warns he might be insane

And there's this comparison of Obama:

to this iconic image from the AMC TV series Mad Men: