Monday, November 16, 2015


My heart goes out to the victims of the terror attack in Paris. The attacks were absolutely horrific to watch unfold on Friday.

I think it is interesting to note how, since President Obama's debut on OUT magazine, several events have made him look ridiculous and even foolish.

First, the most obvious, the Paris attacks.

Multiple news sources all day Saturday noted that just a few hours BEFORE the Paris terror attack, President Obama said that ISIS was 'contained.' A few hours AFTER the Paris attack, the White House was trying to 'clarify' that remark.

White House Defends Obama Claim That ISIS ‘Contained’: He Meant ‘Geographically’ In Iraq And Syria

Only the Mizzou protesters are going to believe that. Speaking of which . . .

Mizzou protesters angry Paris attacks stole their spotlight

One can only shake their head in disbelief at them.

And at this . . .

U.S. Embassy In Paris Turns Away Americans During Terrorist Attacks

and even more so at this:

Obama releases 5 more Gitmo detainees upon the world in wake of Paris terror attacks

And while Dr. James White is not wanting to say anything right now about the Paris attacks, he was pretty prescient just TWO DAYS BEFORE the attack.

Here is what Michael Snyder has to say about the attacks . . . :

Widespread Terrorism Is Just Part Of The Perfect Storm That Is Now Descending On The Western World

and the New York Post:

The Jihadis Master Plan to Break Us

We may want to heed their words as ISIS has promised they are not thru.

Report: ISIS: “American Blood Is The Best And We Will Taste It Soon”

On Oct 29, All News Pipeline asked this question:

Is ISIS Preparing Massive Slaughter? Hundreds of young men go missing from refugee camps

However, neither Paris attacks or ISIS promises will stop President Obama's 'I-know-what's-best-for-America' agenda from being implemented.

Obama recommits to taking more Syrian refugees

Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Being Resettled By Obama Could End Up In 48 Out Of 50 U.S. States

Maps Of Mosques, Refugees And Terrorism Paint A Disturbing Picture

Obama's attitude may be because he isn't looking.

Top placed US intelligence insider calls out Obama administration for turning blind eye toward ISIS rise


Next, Putin.

Am I the only one who thinks it should have been Putin running after Obama for the photo op? Didn't think so.

Putin laughs off Obama at G20 summit

Obama: Putin’s not challenging my leadership in Syria, and besides, I’m ‘leading on climate change’

22 Times Obama Admin Declared Climate Change a Greater Threat than Terrorism


Then, Iran.

Ummmm . . . Iran is doing what Israel said Iran would do.

Iran No Longer Dismantling Centrifuges In Two Uranium Enrichment Plants; hardliners complained that the deactivation of centrifuges contradicted the directives of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

And while they are feeling feisty, they want Obama to squirm a little bit. Publicly. (Hint: US means Obama.)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Today Demands US ‘Apologize’ For Past Behavior

Given his past practice with his 'apology tour,' this is probably doable for him.