Friday, November 6, 2015


Ancient 'Colossus of Rhodes,' toppled by earthquake in 226 B.C., now subject of multinational team to rebuild

Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030 - Michael Snyder

CDC scientists admits destroying evidence linking vaccines to autism

Death penalty should only be for whites is suggested by Hillary Clinton while speaking in New Hampshire

Earthquakes in Oklahoma are becoming a national security risk

Fukushima waste now found off ALL WEST US coastlines:  Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, with highest radiation just miles from SAN FRANCISCO

"Gay" rape in military underreported by Pentagon (Washington Times)

High school girls forced to undress next to naked boys who think they're girls, according to new Fed rules

Insurance co-ops across America are collapsing because of Obamacare, and now there is fraud

Jihadis associated with ISIS likely took down that Russian jet by planting a bomb on board say US officials

Kuroshio ocean current, which travels from Japan to the western coast of Mexico, the US and Canada and back again, conspicuously absent from recent NASA video; current suspected of bringing Caesium-137 from Fukushima

Liberals Explain How Stay-at-Home Parents Cheat the Almighty State Out of Taxes

Man who can handle CNBC but not Putin wonders how Republicans will handle Putin if they can’t handle CNBC

"No thug left behind," Obama to issue executive order directing federal employers to no longer ask applicants if they have a criminal past

Ozone hole at South Pole getting wider claims UN climate agency

Pumpkins contribute to climate change, according to Dept of Energy

Quinnipiac University poll graphics totally screwed up by MSNBC (How many errors can you spot? Hint: apparently Hispanics all look alike.)

Russian military showing capabilities no-one expected

Social Experimentation is Degrading Our Military Readiness warns General

TPP: "It's worse than we thought"

Uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions could be underway at Fukushima; Tellerium-132 detected over 100 miles from plant

Verizon Begins Scanning and Censoring Customer Emails

What causes supervolcanoes to explode? Yellowstone's massive magma chamber tracked by supercomputers

Xtraterrestrial evangelists, Great Deception Begins This December As Network TV “Prepares The World” For Arrival Of Aliens

Yellen cannot raise rates; derivatives would blow up around the world, banks would close their doors

"Zombie" beaten to death by friend who had been 'binge-watching' 'The Walking Dead"