Friday, November 13, 2015


Appalachia's bitter, crushing poverty is a preview of what is coming to the rest of the country - Michael Snyder

Blue whale carcass washes up on the Oregon Coast, the first in more than a century, emaciated, blubber layer only 4 inches thick rather than the usual 12 inches; blue whales are largest animals on earth

China warns US "Get Away From Our Islands!" after Obama has B52 fly close

Did Russia Just "Gently" Threaten The USA? Claims Obama has refused every single Russian offer to negotiate about the US anti-missile system in Europe

Extreme radiation on California beach leads nuclear inspectors to abandon duties; radioactive waste threatens locals, environment

Freight transportation is a gauge into how well the real economy is doing. And it just keeps getting worse

'Gay' rape report claiming that male-on-male sexual assaults in the military may be higher than Pentagon was reporting has been forced to be retracted

Hamtramck, Michigan's new Muslim majority city council member issues warning: non-Muslims move or else

ISIS' beheader Jihadi John "evaporated" in US airstrikes

Jeremiah Wright: Jesus was Palestinian

Keystone Pipeline Killed: Obama afraid approval would hurt his legacy of trying to lead on environmental causes

Legislator Discovers New Ties Between University of Missouri and Planned Parenthood

Macy's sounds holiday alarm; retailers brace for heavy discounting

Nurse with Ebola meningitis released from isolation

Obama held hostage to his own Iran deal; Iran using threat of abandoning deal as leverage to prevent retaliation against rogue actions

Planned Parenthood President Defends Selling Aborted Baby Parts: Quit “Shaming” Us

Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Physicists Reveal Superposition of Ordered Events

Rapidly Rising Cost Of Living Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class In America - Michael Snyder

Stephen Hawking: There is no God and the theory of evolution better explains the origin of life - Michael Snyder

Ted Koppel Is Buying Freeze-Dried Food For The Day When A Cyberattack Takes Out The Power Grid - Michael Snyder

US and Russia are headed for a showdown, Obama thinks he can threaten the existence of Russia, without Russia defending herself

VA opens first transgender clinic for military veterans in Cleveland

White People Make Too Many Mistakes” – Black Coalition Seeks To Overthrow the Constitution

Xtraterrestrials could be living on planet and using something like solar panels claims British professor

‘Yale snowflakes’: who made these monsters?

Zombie plants come back to life after being frozen under a glacier for 400 years