Thursday, October 1, 2015


Something different this morning -- the news in alphabetical order.

Abbas at UN vows to torpedo Oslo Accords

Brazilian Nightmare Worsens On Bad Budget Data, Record Low Confidence, Horrific Government Approval Ratings

Chinese aircraft carrier and missile cruiser reported transiting the Suez Canal

Doomsday asteroids Didymoon and Didymos to be impacted in October 2022 in attempt to deflect their course

Earthquake swarm and unreported quakes at Yellowstone

France: 'Curious' Russian Strikes in Syria Not Against Islamic State

Green Beret claims "Kicking me out is morally wrong" for standing up to Afghan police's "brutal child rapist"

Hurricane Joaquin threatens millions on East Coast, including Washington, D.C.; potential for historical rainfall and major devastation

Icahn Says Market "Way Overpriced", Warns "God Knows Where This Is Going"

Joel's prophecy and the raising of the Palestinian flag at the UN

Killer bees found in Bay Area for first time

Legionnaires' disease claims more victims in New York City

Mannarino says Magnitude of Correction Will Eclipse Them All

Netanyahu poised to "attack Abbas' lies" in UN speech on Thursday

Obama has turned Putin into world's most powerful leader

Putin Annihilates Obama And West "Do You Realize Now What You Have Done?" - UNGA Full Speech By Vladimir Putin

Q3 2015 proved to be the weakest quarter for risk assets for some years

Russian Submarine Carrying Nuclear Weapons Arrives In Pacific Region

Saudi Arabia Seizes Iranian Ship "Laden With Missile Launchers, Anti-Tank Weapons"

Trey Gowdy wipes the smile off the face of Planned Parenthood's President Cecile Richards

UN raises Palestinian flag for first time in ceremony with more than 300 in attendance

Vatican confirms Pope had private meeting with Kim Davis

Week Begins On A Scary Note: Glencore, Saudia Arabia and Volkswagon

Xtraterrestrials could 'conquer and colonise' Earth, claims Stephen Hawking

YouTuber claims image of demon caught in light beam from CERN

ZeroHedge: Is this the scariest chart this week? This chart will strike fear in the heart of Janet Yellen