Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Stock up on canned food for stock market crash, warns former Gordon Brown adviser – ‘what’s coming is 20 TIMES WORST than 2008’


China loses all control; arrests journalists, financial executive over stock market crash

China Sells U.S. Treasuries to Support Yuan; size of disposals hasn't been revealed

Devaluation Stunner: China Has Dumped $100 Billion In Treasurys In The Past Two Weeks

China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington

What China's treasury liquidation means: $1 Trillion QE in reverse

China has Cornered The Fed With Its "Worst Case" Capital Outflow Countdown

US Debt:

US Debt will soon become unsustainable warns Congressional Budget Office

U.S. national debt was a bit above 9 trillion dollars just prior to the last recession; since that time, it has nearly doubled

As of Aug 12, US Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000 for 150 days says Treasury

Debt Up 15-Fold During Harry Reid’s Time in Congress

It Is Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off All Of Our Debt; Americans are $58 Trillion in debt

Skyrocketing National Debt — How Much Is Too Much?

US Debt Bomb Going to Explode in September 2015 says David Morgan

US Debt In The Age Of Unrestrained Central Banking

US Debt: Obama's $18 Trillion in 3 cartoons

US Debt: Greece, Puerto Rico, can you believe those guys? (cartoon)

Obama and Renaming Mountains


James Dale Davidson: Current Global Crash Is a 'Rerun of 1929'

ZeroHedge: 1929 and its Aftermath

WARNING: This Global Collapse Will Be Unlike Anything In Recorded History


John Ing: “I am focused on the ramifications of the Chinese devaluation." . . . we are in for 'one hell of a collapse' . . . will be a much larger credit implosion than the one that triggered the Great Depression . . .

New Madrid earthquake:

The New Madrid faultline is about 20 TIMES BIGGER than California's San Andreas

David Wilkerson, The Vision:

The United States is going to experience, in the not-too-distant future, the most tragic earthquake in its history. . . . It will cause widespread panic and fear. . . . There is not the slightest doubt in my mind about this forthcoming massive earthquake on our continent. I believe it will be MANY TIMES MORE SEVERE THAN THE SAN FRANCISCO QUAKE. (emphasis mine)

Snyder: Why America Should Be On High Alert For A Major Earthquake Along The New Madrid Fault

John Kilpatrick: New Madrid earthquake dream

David Wilkerson, The Vision:

I am not convinced that this earthquake will take place in California. In fact, I believe it is going to take place where it is least expected. This terrible earthquake may happen in an area not known as an earthquake belt. It will be so high on the Richter scale that it will trigger two other major earthquakes.

David Wilkerson, Racing Toward Judgment:

. . . a series of minor earthquakes will precede the major killer quakes. One of moderate magnitude will strike, with moderate damage, and many will be relieved that a massive quake did not happen. But it will follow. Most assuredly.

It will strike suddenly, without warning. . . . The very first tremor will send forth the judgment message loud and clear to all -- THIS IS IT! A day of judgment has come! There are no words in our language to describe the horror and the suffering. There will be no way of escape. The worst that man feared will suddenly come upon him.

God will literally shake our nation with this instrument of judgment. The mountains will tremble and the cities will fall. "Quakerproof" buildings will crumble like sand castles. Power lines will crack like toothpicks. The earth will heave, split apart, and tremble.

In less than two minutes on God's judgment clock, the death angel will claim the lives of multiplied thousands over a radius of hundreds of miles. . . . This earthquake could be the most destructive in the world's history in overall total evaluations.

Those who lived sumptuously, carelessly, so unconcerned will suddenly find themselves being entombed in quaking valleys of death. . . . The dead will be everywhere.

With a number of economists and commentators stating they believe that it is events in China causing effects here in the US, and with Gordon Brown's adviser saying what is coming is '20 times worst than 2008,' I think we should pay heed to Michael Snyder's counsel.

It Is Time To Kick Prepping Into Overdrive, Because This Stock Market Crash Is Just The Beginning

David Wilkerson once said that the financial collapse that is coming would make the Great Depression look like a 'footnote' in history.

Somber warning, indeed.

I also think it is sobering to realize the Gordon Brown's adviser called for people to stock up on 'bottled water, canned goods and other essentials in order to live at home for about 'one month.'

Where have we heard that warning before?

Yep, David Wilkerson.

His URGENT MESSAGE of March 7, 2009, said the EXACT SAME THING.

First, I give you a practical word I received for my own direction. If possible lay in store a thirty-day supply of non-perishable food, toiletries and other essentials. In major cities, grocery stores are emptied in an hour at the sign of an impending disaster.

David Wilkerson's URGENT MESSAGE