Wednesday, August 12, 2015


When a nation is under judgment, Deuteronomy 28 spells out how one can tell. We read of multiple examples in the early chapters of Exodus as the Pharaoh that opposed Jehovah came under judgment for his defiance against God's Will. Because of Pharaoh, food sources were destroyed, Egypt was littered with dead and dying livestock and animals, homes and public buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do -- they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. David Wilkerson wrote in several of his books the different signs of judgment upon a nation.

WHEN A NATION IS UNDER JUDGMENT, ITS ANIMALS ARE AFFLICTED WITH ILLNESSES OR DIE OFF. Livestock and herds will be threatened and/or afflicted affected by illnesses and diseases; animals in the wild become diseased. The numbers of some animals and insects increase while others die off.

Deut. 28: 18: Cursed shall be . . . the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.

Hosea 4: 3: Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.


Geese are covering Washington, D.C.'s National Mall in feces

Thousands of birds abandon their eggs, nests on Florida island

Bird Flu Threatens Thanksgiving Turkey Supply


New canine flu detected in several more states

Concerns mount as deadly canine flu spreads beyond Midwest – 8 dogs have died, no vaccine


Heat blamed for large die-off of fish in Alabama

Half of Columbia River sockeye salmon dying due to hot water


New Tadpole Disease Affecting Frogs Across Globe


Fleas test positive for plague in Arizona

Larvae Of ‘Yellow Fever’ Mosquito Found In Escondido

White House: Pesticide Limits May Be Needed to Save Bees

Destructive 'super termites' are breeding in Florida

EPA Commits $100K to 'Addressing Bed Bugs in Rural Alaska'


8-foot-long carnivorous cat-eating lizards are invading Florida


Mystery fungus killing rattlesnakes in at least 9 states

Marine life:

Texas Aquarium Suffers Devastating Animal Losses After Medication Backfires

Parachuter witnesses terrifying shark swarm off Florida coast

Record ocean temps threaten Hawaii's coral reefs

West Coast marine life:

ALASKA: Reports of dead and dying marine life in Alaska; shrunken or enlarged organs, black kidneys, sores on liver, slime in mouth, discolored skin — Mortality in intertidal zone like “we haven’t seen before”

ALASKA: Dead and dying mammals, birds and small fish on the Aleutian Islands

ALASKA: Die-off of birds all over Alaska beaches, floating in Pacific; deformed and abnormal animals reported

ALASKA: Alaskan whale deaths puzzle scientists

Giant whales found dead in Pacific off US coast — Victims of ‘mysterious affliction’ — Mass die-off of walruses and seabirds reported nearby

Young herring disappearing from Pacific; millions of missing salmon raising alarms; fishermen catching only huge numbers of jellyfish

Millions of fish dead in Pacific Northwest; ocean conditions have ‘gone to hell’; salmon covered in fungus, red lesions all over, big gaping sores; extinction concerns, “it could be the end” . . . unprecedented . . . catastrophic

US Gov’t: “We don’t know what’s going on” in Pacific — Many ill baby seals being abandoned; Dozens of walruses found dead; Dying whales, birds, fish — “Unprecedented things happening”

US university testing animals in Pacific for Fukushima radiation — Photos show bodies riddled with tumors, eyes bleeding, covered in lesions — Some are missing testicles, eyeballs — Skin disintegrating, peeling off, turning yellow — Mammals affected by diseases never seen in species