Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Israel and the peace process:

EU Proposes Framework To Force Peace On Israel

Israel and Iran:

Obama's age of nuclear chaos

Sultan Knish: The Myth of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program

U.S., Israel on Collision Course if Iran Deal Goes Through

Obama Fumes As Iran Publishes ‘Palestine’, An Anti-Israel Book That Could Sink Nuclear Treaty Deal

Obama's BFF Iran's Supreme Leader tweets picture of Obama committing suicide

Cotton: Kerry ‘Acted Like Pontius Pilate,’ Washed His Hands on Iran ‘Secret’ Side Deals

Kerry warns Israel to not strike Iran's nuclear facilities

Kerry warns that Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities would be 'enormous' mistake

Kerry has ‘intense exchange’ with Jewish leaders over Iran deal; blasts Netanyahu in the process

Snyder: Why Israel is going to bomb Iran

IAEA Refuses to Brief Senators on Iran Deal, Even in Classified Setting

Even Iran claims Obama and Kerry lying about Iranian nuclear deal

185 Billion Reasons Why The US Agreed To Nuclear Deal With Iran

Barack Obama’s Antisemitic Rant on the Iran Deal

Sanhedrin wants Obama to stand trial for crimes against the Jewish people because of the Iran nuke deal

Report: Obama to Release Pollard in Bid to Soften Israeli Criticism

History Repeats Itself With Iran's Nuclear Deal

Roffman Torah code: History will show that WW3 began on July 14, 2015, with Obama's nuke deal with Iran (GG note: Note the link to Sodom and Gomorrah.)

Poll: Majority Of Americans Oppose Obama’s Nuke Deal With Iran, Just 30% Support It

Apocalyptic Iran Heat Wave Nearly Breaks World Record

Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record

The 'other' nuclear story:

Officials: Buildings sinking next to Fukushima reactors — Experts: We know structures decaying, getting more unstable — ‘Plant deterioration investigation’ underway — Molten fuel thought to be eating away structural materials


11 Red Flag Events That Just Happened As We Enter The Pivotal Month Of August 2015: #3 - Greek debt deal may already be falling apart

Greek Stocks, Economy Collapse, Suffer Worst Declines In History

Total collapse: Greece reverts to barter economy for the first time since Nazi occupation

According To One Veteran FX Trader, "Greece Is Playing It Correctly"

Puerto Rico:


New York Mayor de Blasio Demands A Federal Bailout For Puerto Rico

South America:

David Wilkerson said to watch South America after a European country (Greece?) defaulted.

Snyder: The South American Financial Crisis Of 2015