Friday, August 7, 2015


Snyder: 8 Financial Experts That Are Warning That A Great Financial Crisis Is Imminent

Snyder: An Expert That Correctly Called The Last Two Stock Market Crashes Is Now Predicting Another One

Snyder: Now Is The Time – Fear Rises As Financial Markets All Over The Planet Start To Crash

Snyder: The Dow Has Already Fallen Nearly 900 Points From The Peak Of The Market

Snyder: The South American Financial Crisis of 2015

President of Venezuela blames US for supermarket riot that left one dead

Food seizures begin: Venezuela farmers ordered to turn over their food to the government

Oaktree Sees Brew of China, Oil, Greece Cracking Global Markets

ZeroHedge: US recession imminent, World Trade Slumps By Most Since Financial Crisis

ZeroHedge: Six warning signs that the US economy is in trouble

ZeroHedge: Here comes the next crisis that no one saw coming

Federal Reserve Directs 8 Biggest U.S. Banks to Hold Extra Capital

The 379 - California:

Of the 379 corporations that pushed the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage the tech companies led the way.

How Apple could crash this market

Screen capture from Drudge August 4 (Obama's bday btw):

Apple, Microsoft Plunge Drags Global Markets Lower, Oil Resumes Slide

Snyder: Apple, Twitter, Oil, Commodities, Greek Stocks, Chinese Stocks crashing

San Francisco:

The tech companies are located primarily in Silicon Valley of California. Since the June 26th Supreme Court ruling forcing same-sex marriage on America, scientists have issued a 'dire' warning for California and much of the West Coast.

Scientists warn 9.2 could be coming to West Coast of America

Silicon Valley Water Scare: E. Coli Found in Los Altos Water Supply

More dead whales and dolphins wash ashore on beaches of San Francisco, “Can’t believe it’s happened again”

Unprecedented deaths along U.S. Pacific coast; Mass die-offs of mammals, birds, fish

Thousands evacuated as fierce wildfires rage across California; firefighters describe one wildfire as 'unprecedented' near San Francisco

FBI investigating 11 attacks on San Francisco-area Internet lines

San Francisco suspect accused of shooting Kathryn Steinle on Pier 14, one of the city's busiest attractions, had been deported 5 times

San Fran Reporters Doing Story on Murder Have Their Cameras Robbed

San Francisco combats the stench of urine with pee-repellant paint

San Fran Residents Pay $1,000/Mth To Live In Shipping Containers

The 379 - Others:

Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles with radios that are vulnerable to hacking; Congress considering punitive action for failing to protect vehicle owners

"Rammed" - Fiat Chrysler Forced To Buy Back 500,000 Pickup Trucks From Customers In Historic Settlement

FLASHBACK: Chrysler applauds U.S. Supreme Court's Decision To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

EU launches anti-trust case against Disney, Warner, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Sony and Twentieth Century Fox

FLASHBACK - DISNEY: Disney introduces its first same-sex couple on children's show

FLASHBACK - TIME WARNER: Time Warner aired gay marriage ads for free

Pew Poll: Supreme Court Unfavorable Rating at 30-Year High post gay marriage ruling