Friday, June 26, 2015


For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth. --Isaiah 21:6

John McTernan, June 24: Road to WW3

John McTernan, June 19: Road to WW3

John McTernan, May 28: Road to WW3

Nuclear warfare in Prophecy (H/T Steve Coerper)


The Next-Generation Weapons That Russia Will Use Against The United States In World War III

While Obama Guts The U.S. Military, Russia Prepares For War

Analyst warns Russia will likely retaliate against F-22 deployment in Europe

Pentagon plans to move heavy weapons to Eastern Europe to deter Putin

300 US Paratroopers Arrive In Ukraine After Russia Says Its Missiles Will Target NATO Member States

Paul Craig Roberts: World Annihilation Threatened – Trust Now Shattered Between Russia And U.S.

Russian BRAHMOS Cruise Missile System Has Pentagon Scrambling To Protect American Cities

Cold War 2 or World War 3?

Why An American And A Russian General Are Suddenly Very Worried About Nuclear War

Amid Russia Tensions, 100 U.S., European Jets Hold Drills in Arctic

Germany Orders 100 Tanks To "Ensure Troops Are Ready To Respond To Russian Assertiveness"

Russia's return to Nicaragua worrying many in Central America

NATO official says ‘We’ll probably be at war this summer. If we’re lucky, it won’t be nuclear.’

Proxy War Escalates: Russia Lifts Ban On Selling Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Iran

Russia and America: stumbling to war

NATO starts anti submarine exercise in North Sea as tension with Russia rise

Russia carries out military drills on disputed Kurile Islands

Russia Conducts Nuclear Bomber Flight Near Alaska; Two Bear H bombers intrude into air defense zone

Russia Has Constructed Massive Underground Shelters In Anticipation Of Nuclear War

Russian Fighter Jet Gives US Recon Airplane "Top Gun"-Style Interception

Russian Fighter Jet Nearly Collides with U.S. Spy Jet Over Europe; U.S. protests ‘reckless’ aerial encounter over Baltic Sea

State Dept shuts down email to finally clean out suspected Russian malware, four months after being hacked


12 Signs That The United States And China Are Moving Toward War

China state paper warns 'war will be inevitable' unless US stops meddling in territorial dispute

China Lashes Out At US: "Refrain From Provocative Action"

China moves weapons to Spratlys, as South China Sea dispute intensifies

US May Use Military To Confront China In South China Sea Islands Dispute

US Retaliates At China Escalation, Warns Sea "Sandcastles" May "Lead To Conflict"

Beijing rebukes US over South China Sea islands row

China practices invasion of Taiwan

US and China playing a dangerous game of 'chicken' in the South China Sea; miscalculation could lead to war warns official

US Admiral: China submarines outnumber US fleet

Obama 'concerned' about China's 'sheer size and muscle'

Report: China Adding Multiple Warheads to Long-Range Weapons

Office of Naval Intelligence: 'China preparing for short, sharp war with Japan'

US Government Admits 2nd "Chinese" Cyberhack Exposed Military Intel

Krauthammer on Obama's response to Chinese hacking of US military and intelligence computers: "The weakness of this response is simply astonishing."

WSJ: White House Knowingly Minimized Scope of Suspected Chinese Hack

Russia-China collaborations:

China, Russia to hold first-ever Mediterranean naval exercise

Chinese honor guards march in Victory Day Parade in Moscow (H/T Steve Coerper)

Iran Says China Will Now Join Russia in Constructing New Nuclear Power Plants in Country

China Signs Huge Arms Deal With Russia, Buys World's Best Missile

Japan jets scramble at Cold-War levels as Chinese and Russian incursions increase

Pentagon Rushing to Open Space-War Center To Counter China, Russia

Dumitru Duduman, April 1996: CHINA AND RUSSIA