Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Before getting to the Israel and Greece updates, here is an important note to consider putting on your radar. Billy Graham's daughter Anne is calling for nine days of fasting and prayer May 15-23 (H/T Steve Coerper's Homework Page).

Anne Graham Lotz: God’s ‘Judgment is Coming on America and On Our World’


Israel, Iran:

Note: June 30 is the deadline for a nuclear deal.

Bibi's Coalition and Obama's Temptation

Caroline Glick: The Marshall Islands' cautionary tale: There is a thread that runs between Obama’s policy toward Iran and his policy toward Israel

Gaffney on Iran Deal: ‘We’re Dealing With National Security Fraud on the Part of the Obama Administration’

Obama to Try to Allay Gulf Nation Leaders' Fears about Iran

Along with Saudi King, Most Gulf Rulers to Skip US Summit

Obama's Gulf Summit Collapsing

Shoebat: Obama The Most Powerful Man In The World Invites Six Camel Jockeys, Most Of Whom Refuse To Show Up

Iran’s Military Chief Says No Inspection of Military Sites Under Any Nuclear Deal

Treasury Sec Jack Lew: 'Most' of the sanction relief money Obama giving to Iran won't fund terrorism

Why the US can't ride the Iranian tiger

Iran: We welcome war with the U.S.


The 'other' nuclear story:

Significant amounts of Fukushima radiation detected on west coast — Nuclear Expert: Levels are 30 times worse than predicted… “and it’s just the beginning of the onslaught”; Scientists have no clue about what’s coming, their real goal was downplaying damage to Pacific



Greek Deal In Limbo After "Serious Disagreement" Between EU, IMF

IMF Preparing Greek Default Contingency Plan

IMF Splinters From Rest Of Troika, Threatens To Cut Off Greek Funding

No Deal: Eurogroup Concludes Meeting On Greece, No Further Fund Disbursement

European shares dive into the red as Greece warns 'we could run out of money in a couple of weeks'; Paris and Frankfurt stock markets also 2% down

Greece introduces cashpoint tax in desperate bid to raise revenue and stop run on banks as country teeters on brink of bankruptcy

Tsipras Calls on Creditors to Show Political Courage Over Greece


German President: We Should ‘Consider’ Nazi-Era Reparations to Greece

Russia Offers Help To Greece In German War Reparations Investigation

Negotiations: Greek Style (cartoon)


Jade Helm:

Louie Gohmert Gets Why Some Texans Are Worried About a Military Takeover; The Texas congressman is joining others in his state calling for the Pentagon to alter the Jade Helm 15 military exercises

Pentagon: People have nothing to fear from upcoming Jade Helm exercise

Ted Cruz: Obama Record on Rights Feeds Fears of Military Exercise