Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Netanyahu Not the Cause of Obama's Dislike of Israel

Obama Kept Iran's Short Breakout Time a Secret

Obama as nuclear arsonist

Iran Says China Will Now Join Russia in Constructing New Nuclear Power Plants in Country

Countdown to Israel attack? Russia lifts ban on missile sales to Iran

Russia Selling Missile Defense System to Iran

Netanyahu Warns Putin Directly Against Sale of S-300 to Iran

Putin warns Israel: Selling arms to Ukraine would provoke Russian S-300 sales to Syria too (debka -- read fast, won't be posted for long)

Intel Suppressed By Obama Regime: North Korea Transferred Missile Goods To Iran During Nuclear Talks

James Baker Becomes Third Former Secretary of State to Slam Obama's Absurd Scheme for Iranian Nukes

Liberal Jews Push Obama to Drop Support for Israel at UN During White House Parley

‘Darkness Shall Cover the Earth’: Netanyahu Quotes Isaiah, Says Iran Deal Shows the World Hasn’t Learned from the Holocaust

Israel: Iran Boosts Weapon Shipments to Hamas, Hezbollah in Expectation of Lifted Sanctions

Watchdog Group: White House Gaslighting Journalists Over Iran

Reporter to Earnest: Why Does Ayatollah Khomeini Get Benefit Of The Doubt But Netanyahu Does Not?

Netanyahu, Rivlin reject request from anti-Israel Jimmy Carter to meet

10 Quotes That Reveal Barack Obama’s Obsession With A Palestinian State

Otherwise he’d have agreed to it . . . (cartoon)

Obama's foreign policy (cartoon)

Shortly after Russia announced early last week that it deliver an unknown number of S-300 "defensive" surface-to-air missiles, the Kremlin sought to reassure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that any deliveries of these to Iran will not threaten Israel's security. Judging by the following video which captures what happens when a launch of a S-300 SAM goes horribly wrong, he may very well be right.



The 'other' nuclear news:

CNN: “Strange green glow” seen inside Fukushima reactor — “Yellow, blue-green and other colors could be seen” — Radiation dose hits record high near 50 sieverts per hour — 15 seconds of video removed just before levels spiked 1,000%

CBS: Worst may not be over from Fukushima — “Effects of radiation have become much more severe” — “Enormous decline” seen in animal species — “Striking drop-off… really dramatic impacts” due to nuclear disaster

Japan Scientist: “I’ve never seen this before” — White lungs found in dolphins that died during mass stranding near Fukushima — Interruption of blood supply leading to death of tissue — Disease has been linked to radiation exposure