Monday, March 30, 2015


The Scheme of the Devil

Obama seems determined to destroy Israel

Obama vows death to the Zionist entity

American-Israeli rabbi compares Obama to Haman

Obama threatens US allies for disagreeing over Iran deal

US Sunni allies concerned US leaking info to Iran in effort to get deal

CUTTING OFF FUNDS: US might limit aid to Israel in retaliation for building housing in West Bank settlements

Report: Israel Suspends E. Jerusalem Settlement Building

Officials: Relationship Between Obama Administration and Israeli Government is ‘Irreparable’

Administration Declassifies Top-Secret Doc That Reveals Israel’s Nuclear Secrets

Managing Obama's war against Israel

Obama's Two State Tantrum

Obama's Middle East deal (cartoon)

Artist's Impression Of US-Israeli Relations (cartoon)

He has friends in low places (cartoon)

Obama's new reset button (cartoon)

A person is known by their friends (LL101)

Associated Press: It’s “Not So Clear” That Israel Is A Democratic State

Has the Tide Turned?

When Obama Finally Got Around To Calling Netanyahu After His Election Win, It Wasn’t To Congratulate Him

Mitt Romney: 'Hell Hath No Fury Like Obama Scorned'

Jerusalem Officials Say Obama Administration is More Hostile Than Europe — ‘Not Even Half a Minute of Grace Was Given’

Jeb Bush Condemned Over Speech at Anti-Israel Conference; choice of anti-Israel James Baker as foreign policy adviser sparks concern among conservatives

Jeb Bush Disagrees with–but Won’t Rebuke–Adviser for Bashing Israel

The Day the Mullahs Smiled

U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together

Another Iran Concession: Sure, You Can Run Centrifuges In Your Fortified Underground Bunker

Here’s Why Obama Panders to Iran, Throws Israel Under the Bus

Video: John Kerry Yells At Critics Of Nuke Deal The Iranians Won’t Put In Writing

"Obama is out of control"; desperate for deal at Israel's expense

Michael Hayden: Iran Deal Is 'Lodestar' of Obama Foreign Policy

Iranian Defector: ‘US Negotiating Team Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf’

Israeli Official Calls Upcoming Iran Nuke Deal ‘Incomprehensibly’ Bad

US is hostage to Iran nuke talks

Report: Nuke deal to be signed Tuesday; allows Iran to keep 6100 centrifuges

Something stinks in DC (LL101)

The Perfect Plan (LL101)

With friends like Obama, who needs enemies? (LL101)

Saudi Arabia sends warplanes into Yemen in terrifying clash with Iran