Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Israelis re-election of Netanyahu is 'reaction' against Obama

Ralph Peters: Israelis re-elected Netanyahu because they don't trust Obama to protect Israel

ABC: ‘A Lot of Disappointment’ at W.H. Over Netanyahu Win

In wake of Netanyahu's re-election, President Obama CUTS OFF emergency oil supply pact with Israel

In wake of Netanyahu's re-election, President Obama rumored to CUT OFF direct ties with Netanyahu; will require any communication from Prime Minister to be directed to John Kerry

Israeli Officials: Iran Real Source of Obama's Fury at Netanyahu

Bibi’s Miraculous Landslide Victory Will Help Identify his Enemies!

Obama In Full CYA Mode On His Illegal Actions Against Netanyahu’s Reelection

Krauthammer: 'clear' Obama loathes Netanyahu more than any other world leader

Krauthammer: No peace in our time

Cause of strained US-Israel relations: Obama’s hostile policies

Obama plans shake-up in policy toward Israel

Obama’s Temper Tantrum Continues: WH Officials Say They Are Revisiting America’s Stance As Israel’s Shield

Dick Morris: Obama Punishing Israel for Daring to Re-elect Bibi

Obama Mulls Supporting UN Resolution That Pushes Israel Back to Pre-1967 Borders

Obama Rolls Out Plan to Use UN to Circumvent Congress on Israel, Iran

Todd: WH pressuring news media to publicly support 'independent Palestinian state'

Obama, UN to force two-state solution on Israel

A Complete Timeline of Obama’s Anti-Israel Hatred

Israel: Beware of Obama

Obama’s Chief Of Staff To Anti-Netanyahu Group: Israel’s “Occupation That Has Lasted 50-Years Must End"

The gathering storm around Israel

Barry Roffman Torah code: Palestinian state?



MARCH 28: Next round of nuke talks scheduled with hopes of deal by end of the month

As Relations With Israel Plummet To New Low, Obama Cuts Video To Iranian People Praising Ayatollah Khamenei

In midst of nuke talks, Iran's leader calls Obama a liar

In midst of nuke talks, Iran's leader gets crowd to chant 'Death to America'

WH Dismisses Khamenei Leading Crowd Chanting “Death To America” As Being “Intended For A Domestic Political Audience”

Reagan: Obama 'looking for a legacy' in Iran deal

Iranian Dissidents Criticize Obama’s Nuclear Diplomacy

Obama to Senate: You are irrelevant on Iran

Never again? (cartoon)

At Iran Talks, Kerry Can't Get Into Gear

Bolton: Iran, Hezbollah Off Terror List as Concession in Nuke Talks

Bolton: Iran will violate nuke deal 'before ink is dry'

Draft Deal Gives Iran Green Light For Nukes

OBAMA'S IRANIAN PARTNERS IN PEACE: "A society steeped in the spirit of homicide bombings is unstoppable"

Huckabee on Iran Deal: It's Like Giving Matches to a Pyromaniac

Which is worse? (cartoon)

Obama's Iranian partners in peace endorse nuclear EMP attacks on U.S.

While Obama Bashes Netanyahu In D.C., John Kerry Makes Very Public Handshake With Iranian Diplomat In Switzerland