Friday, March 13, 2015

A NATION UNDER JUDGMENT? Foreigners Will Be Put Above Thee

When a nation is under judgment, Deuteronomy 28 spells out how one can tell. We read of multiple examples in the early chapters of Exodus as the Pharaoh that opposed Jehovah came under judgment for his defiance against God's Will. Because of Pharaoh, food sources were destroyed, Egypt was littered with dead and dying livestock and animals, homes and public buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do -- they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. David Wilkerson wrote in several of his books the different signs of judgment upon a nation.

Foreigners, immigrants will come in and be given precedence over and at the expense of the nation's own citizens.

Deut. 28: 43: The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: Amnesty Costs 'Horrendous' for States

Cost To Pay And House 1000 New Immigration Employees For Exec Amnesty Program: $48 Million/Year

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Great: Two Immigrants Came To The US For Every ONE Job Created Since 2000

Amnesty Beneficiaries Could Claim More Than $35K In Tax Benefits In First Year

Colleges Giving Financial Aid Directly To Illegal Aliens

Feds Declined To Prosecute Illegal Aliens Who Used Social Security Numbers Of Dead People

Government Announces New “In-Country Refugee” Program Giving Amnesty To Children Of Illegal Alien Parents Already In The US

IRS Defends Allowing Illegal Aliens To Get Retroactive Tax Breaks Under Obama Executive Actions

Maryland NAACP president speaks out against President Obama giving illegal aliens public resources that could have gone to people of color here in the country legally; says 'our kids have dreams, too'

Illegal aliens demand safer ways to cross the border illegally

NYT: Hispanic Job Growth Surpassing Whites, Blacks

Palin demands Obama put veterans ahead of illegal aliens

Study: Hispanic Foreigners Will Occupy 75% of New American Jobs Starting in 2020

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University Of Illinois Wants Taxpayers To Pay For Illegal Immigrants College



Had to include this as it is so fitting. The scandal that was Monica just keeps sticking to her. . . over and over and over again.

Found at LL101:


. . . Monica is a sign, a sign of ruin. Monica is about secret sexual indiscretion and marital infidelity and lying and perjury and scandal and impeachment and disbarment . . .