Monday, February 16, 2015


President Obama resents the respect the American people have for Benjamin Netanyahu

President Obama meets with Congressional Black Congress for lunch; CBC then sends messages to Netanyahu advising him to stop disrespecting their man

Dem Rep Rangel sends 'scowling' selfie to Netanyahyu

Dem Rep Hank Johnson: Netanyahu disrespecting Obama because Obama is black

Study reveals Democrats are drifting away from supporting Israel

Democrats risk a Jewish backlash with Netanyahu boycott

Most Jews in Congress to attend Netanyahu speech

Rubio goes to the mat for Netanyahu

Poll shows while many Americans don't think Boehner should have invited Netanyahu without Obama's consent, Obama should still meet with Netanyahu in March

Obama ratchets up animosity toward Netanyahu for invitation acceptance -- cuts Israel out of updates on Iran talks

US denies

Poll: 62% of Israelis believe Obama is interfering in their upcoming election

Krauthammer: Obama trying 'regime change' in Israel

Liberal Logic: How to treat your allies

Obama's secret Iran strategy (GG note: Long, but very informative)

REPORT: Iran wrote secret letter to Obama

Iran denies

Iran speeding to nuclear weapons breakout

Peter King: Russia, Iran moving against US on several fronts

Russia, Iran ink new nuclear reactor deal; WH doesn't care

Israel does

Argentine President formally charged with covering up role of Iran in 1994 bombing of Buenos Aires Jewish center

News stories occurring at the same time:

John Kerry's home town Smashes Monthly Snowfall Record

Catastrophic shutdown of America's supply chain begins

West Coast shutdown threatens US economy

Ginsburg says Americans ready for postive gay marriage ruling

Nightmare scenario unfolding for Obama at Ayn al-Assad Air base

State Dept's Psaki claims that just because third US embassy in MidEast has been evacuated due to Islamic jihadists doesn't mean the US is being run out of the region

Tehran threatens Saudi Arabia

Two more harbingers of financial doom appear

The hundreds of small earthquakes in Oklahoma and Kansas increase risk of a 'big one'