Monday, October 13, 2014


First: British Parliament holding vote today on recognizing 'Palestine' as a state.

Now, the peace talks. Apparently John Kerry met with counterparts in Cairo, Saturday to advance the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. So far, I've not read any reports of how that went, but we did have a couple of interesting developments back here in the U.S.

Here are some quick thoughts on some events in the news in the same time frame.


What we often see happen when the peace talks occur (regardless of who is President or who the U.S. sends to advance those talks) is severe weather 'coinciding' with the talks, severe weather that occurs on the same day or within 24-48 hours. Yesterday (and today) are no exception.

Here in Oklahoma, strong winds from the south all day yesterday set up severe weather for late last night. Strong winds and a brief tornado (thankfully, no one killed) and lots of hail battered western Oklahoma and moved across the metro close to midnight. Today, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi are under the gun, and CBS reported this morning that 40 million people could be impacted by today's storms.


Sunday morning, when we Americans got up and got ready for the day, the first news that most of us read was the alarming report that a nurse in Dallas who helped care for Thomas Duncan has contracted Ebola. She is the first known case in the United States of contracting the deadly virus outside of Africa. This news came within hours of the Cairo meeting.


Something else we've seen happen in the past when Kerry has gone to the Mid-East to advance peace talks is something happens back in his home state of Massachusetts. Again, yesterday was no exception. TWO people reporting Ebola-like symptoms went to Boston hospitals. In one instance, an ENTIRE hospital was EVACUATED as a precaution. Officials already believe the possibility is low that this patient has Ebola (thankfully), but setting that aside, look at the MAJOR disruption such a precaution has caused. It is no easy or light thing to shut down a hospital because of the POSSIBILITY of ONE patient being sick with a Level 4 pathogen. There are tremendous costs associated with such an action, not to mention the loss of revenue.

Patient Isolated at Massachusetts Clinic for Ebola Symptoms; medical near Boston evacuated

One report that did come out over the weekend, apparently from the Cairo meeting, is that Kerry, on the behalf of President Obama, pledged $212 MILLION to the Palestinians to help them rebuild the infrastructure in Gaza that was destroyed after Hamas attacked Israel a few weeks ago. Yep, $212 MILLION.

Anyone want to bet that goes to schools and hospitals?


Yeah, I'm thinking tunnels and more weapons, too.

Speaking of tunnels, remember this from a few weeks ago that was meant only to be something to think about?

Weird that someone actually tried it, although in a kooky, weird sort of way.

Guy leaps out of NYC sidewalk grate to hurl smoke bomb into packed restaurant

And strange that it happened on the same weekend that Obama gave money to the Palestinians so they could rebuild their terror tunnels schools and hospitals.


On Saturday, on the same day as the peace talks, news reports claimed that ISIS was making significant impacts on Kabani in fierce fighting with the Kurds and that President Obama's airstrikes are doing precious little to stop ISIS from taking Kobani, and, in fact, that ISIS was significantly closer to Baghdad.

ISIS seizes more ground in Kobani as U.S. airstrikes fail to stop their advance

ISIS advances on Baghdad undeterred by Obama's airstrikes

General Dempsey: ISIS threat to Baghdad; attempting to gain Baghdad's airport; U.S. Apache helicopters used to assist Iraqi forces

ISIS Seizes Third Iraqi Army Base In Three Weeks As Advance Towards Baghdad Continues…

Engel: 'Tone-Deaf' Kerry Ignoring Social Media Symbolism of Kobani's Fall to ISIS

Once again, President Obama's foreign policy is taking a beating though I seriously doubt he sees it that way.


As Kerry was gearing up to travel to Cairo on Friday, yet ANOTHER scandal from this administration was being discussed in the news -- this time, the Columbian 'hooker scandal' reappeared. See, when this scandal first came to light a couple of years ago, then spokesperson Jay Carney claimed no when in the White House had any connection. Last week, the Washington Post begged to differ when they reported that a staffer directly within the White House appeared to have a direct hand in the affair.

The White House’s Link to the Secret Service Prostitution Scandal


Over the weekend, tensions flared up in Ferguson, Missouri, again. Many of the protestors in Ferguson don't want Officer Darren Wilson merely arrested, they want him dead, and now they are threatening to start killing people (presumably cops and/or white people) if Officer Wilson isn't found guilty and executed without a trial.

Yeah, it's come to that.

Ferguson Protest Leader: We Will Murder People if Darren Wilson Does not Face Criminal Charges

'We ain't taking it no more': Thousands of Ferguson protesters gather nationwide for a second day of protest over police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown

Salon magazine has gone in a whole new (dangerous, if you ask me) direction: A writer there claims that Officer Wilson killed Michael Brown because he really wanted to kill President Obama. Oh, and by the way, same thing for George Zimmerman.

Wait, what?!

"When that cop killed Mike Brown, and Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, they were killing Barack Obama"

I can do nothing with that thinking, so let's move along.


Another event that came up this past week that caught my eye -- CDC's director comparing Ebola to AIDS.

Ebola could become the 'world's next AIDS' CDC director warns

AIDS is well-known as a disease that spreads primarily among homosexuals and drug users. When Ebola really started becoming a topic here in the U.S. in June (Obama's gay pride month, btw), one of the first things we learned about Ebola is that it could accomplish 'in ten days what takes AIDS 10 years.' That's a very startling statement to make. For those who contract Ebola and don't beat it, from initial contact to death is about 21 days. That is terrifying.

Rabbi Glazer, who I will admit is difficult to understand when he speaks, has run a Torah code on Ebola and believes it is a warning from Heaven against Sodom and Gomorrah.

Interestingly, Glazer's code was posted on Oct 7, a day BEFORE the CDC director made his comments at  the World Bank conference in Washington, D.C..

Ebola - Torah Codes

With that in mind, interesting that the Ebola case would begin in Dallas.


And in what looks like the 'as we do unto Israel' category, I find it interesting that the hospital involved is a Presbyterian hospital and that in the aftermath of Thomas Duncan's death, Jesse Jackson played his very worn race card.

Jesse Jackson thinks 'white privilege' led to death of Thomas Duncan

But think about something.

The Presbyterian denomination is very involved in divestment and boycotting of Israel, accusing Israel of apartheid against the Palestinians, an accusation that is essentially accusing Israel of racism. Back in June, just when Ebola was really beginning to emerge as a real threat, the largest Presbyterian church voted to divest from three corporations that do business with Israel.

Presbyterian Church (USA) Makes Controversial Divestment Move Against Israel, Jaweed Kaleem, Huffington Post, June 20, 2014 (not linked)

Interestingly, they claimed to have taken this action as a means of promoting the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

On Supporting Middle East Peacemaking—From the Presbytery of New Covenant.

Now a Presbyterian hospital, rightly or wrongly, is being accused of allowing racist attitudes toward a black man of Africa to be a contributing factor to his death.

And just the day before voting to divest, the Presbyterian denomination voted to allow their pastors to perform same-sex marriages.

Presbyterians vote to allow same-sex marriage, Dana Ford, CNN, June 25, 2014 (not linked)

Strange how often those two go hand in hand -- once a denomination votes to do one (divestment, same-sex marriage), they do the other. Google it sometime.


Got to give it to him, the guy can keep his focus.  Not even people facing death can distract him.

From Weasel Zippers:


Personal note: Family member came thru Friday's brain surgery fairly well. Still in ICU with very limited family contact. Long road of recovery ahead. Thank you so much for prayers.