Friday, October 31, 2014


By no means am I suggesting that California alone has seen terrible things happen in the last few months; other states have as well. However, I had noticed while preparing my next post on A NATION UNDER JUDGMENT? that I had bookmarked quite a number of events that relate specifically to California; enough so to make its own post.

These are the stories that have appeared since the last time I wrote about A NATION UNDER JUDGMENT? in July.

JULY 17: 80 percent of California in extreme drought, LA Times (not linked)

JULY 21: Nearly 100 ponds in California's Santa Clara County used to replenish ground water are dry or drying

JULY 23: Calif residents urged to save water amid 14-years drought; Calif's Central Valley (America's bread basket) devastated by drought - land too unfit for farming

JULY 24: Marine birds disappearing off California's coast

JULY 27: Ground in California is sinking by a FOOT each year as the deep-water layer is siphoned up for farmers; underground wells collapsing

JULY 27: Northern California neighborhoods inundated by rattlesnakes due to drought

JULY 29: Why are massive numbers of sea creatures dying along California's coast?

JULY 31: Millions of fish found dead on California coast — 3 major fish kills in 2 weeks — Unidentified ‘goo’ floating nearby

JULY 31: California breaks drought record as 58 percent of state hits driest level, LA Times (not linked)

JULY 31: California’s Exceptional Drought Just Keeps Getting Worse

AUG 1: Huge increase in dead and sick sea mammals on California coast — Unprecedented numbers, annual record broken in 7 months — Starving, drooling, brain damaged, suffering seizures — Sea lions ‘mysteriously’ vanishing on other side of Pacific

AUG 2: California wake-up call: Extreme drought will lead to migration exit and real estate collapse

AUG 4: Disaster Strikes California: Drought, Fires, West Nile Virus

AUG 5: Modern-day Dust Bowl; drought unfolds slowly and devastatingly

FLASHBACK: David Wilkerson, a 'second judgment zone' of drought

David Wilkerson in his 1976 book Racing Toward Judgment (pg 70):

A second judgment zone will be stricken with drought. Long, tragic drought. Rivers and streams will dry up. Water tables will no longer support irrigation systems. Crops will wither and die in the fields. Winds will carry away topsoil, and this nation will suffer its worst dust bowl in all its history. None has been like it before, and none will ever be like it again. The drought will spread and cover thousands of square miles. Smaller dry zones in various parts of the nation will also develop. Thousands of acres are already in dust-bowl conditions. (emphasis mine)

If California does not fit David Wilkerson's prophetic word, what state does?


AUG 4: More than 2,500 people stranded by freak flash floods and mudslides in Calif

AUG 5: Farmer bulldozes hundreds of acres of dead orange trees

AUG 5: Devastating mystery illness striking California horses; skin falling off, painful lesions, living damage

AUG 19: California's Economic Collision Course: Immigration and Water

AUG 20: Calif bill would let birth certificates reflect same-sex parents

AUG 21: Billions of jelly-like 'by-the-wind sailors' wash up on California beaches

AUG 24: Police searching for California man with drug-resistant TB; illness so serious that warrant issued for his arrest

AUG 24: San Joaquin wells run dry

AUG 24: San Francisco hit by strongest quake in 25 years; 6.0 leaves lots of damage in Napa Valley

AUG 27: God’s Final Warning to California/America, John McTernan

AUG 27: Scientists convene in major meeting to investigate possible relationship between Fukushima and loss of wildlife along California coast

AUG 28: 'Bad' ant invading California; searching for food, water sources in homes

AUG 29: Gov to regulate California's shrinking groundwater supplies

AUG 30: Scary problems along California's coast; looks like 'crime scene'

AUG 30: Large numbers of whales and dolphins are stranding on Southern California beaches, brown pelicans… dropping dead from the sky

SEPT 2: California Minimum-Wage Earners Work 19 Hours-A-Day, 7 Days-A-Week To Afford Rent

SEPT 2: Killer whales dying along California coast; very sick, emaciated, no babies born in 2 years

SEPT 2: 'Zombie' appearing starfish all along California coastline

SEPT 2: Scariest California drought map yet

SEPT 5: California Set to Ban 'Gay Panic' As Defense in Crimes

SEPT 6: Report shows California sea lions dying from organs falling out of place, tumors, accumulation of pus inside bodies

SEPT 17: California is burning

SEPT 24: Drought believed to be cause for mudslide on Mt Shasta

SEPT 28: California harvest much smaller than normal across crops; one commodity after another being impacted by epic drought; rice used for sushi impacted; fewer grapes for wine

SEPT 30: Scorched California uses up firefighting budget just 3 months after fiscal year begins

OCT 3: Cases of 'amnesty virus' doubles in one week in California

OCT 7: Drought forcing bears to break into California homes

OCT 8: Obama 'Ebola' bumper stickers appearing in Los Angeles

OCT 14: Deadly plague wiping out starfish populations along California's coast

OCT 14: Creepy clowns terrorize California residents; copycats wield weapons

OCT 17: Fukushima nuclear waste, including cesium, detected off California coast

OCT 19: Stunning scenes of drought in California's Central Valley

OCT 21: Drought leading to death of Calif's Salton Sea

OCT 22: California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else

OCT 23: California drought 'extreme'; aquifers draining at record rate

OCT 24: East Porterville wells go bone dry as California mega-drought shows no sign of let up

OCT 25: California -- A food powerhouse in peril

OCT 26: California's $100K pension club will be the last nail in California's coffin

OCT 26: California city of Palmdale loses 300-job, $64 million business; union greed blamed