Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Glad to be back at the blog. I won't try to cover all the Ebola stories I missed while gone; I will just pick up with the current stories.

While today's post is primarily an update of current Ebola news, I want to make note of a connection that may have slipped under the radar.

This blog has often noted that when the U.S. meets with the P5+1 or with Israel about Iran's nuclear program, President Obama's birth certificate (or his birth) tends to make the news in some way. This time was no exception, thanks to the President himself.

OCT 1: President Obama meets with Netanyahu about Iran's nuclear program.

OCT 2:  Within 24 hours, President Obama jokes about Kenya being the land of his birth.


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PRAYER REQUEST: On a personal note, received devastating news late last night that a beloved family member has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctors will attempt to remove it this coming Friday. Prayers are appreciated. I am quite sure that many readers of this blog have dealt with hard news of their own in the past thus know how to pray about hard things, so thank you.