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This blog focuses primarily on the principle that what we (the U.S.) do to Israel will be done to us. Some have mistaken my position to mean that I believe Israel to be a perfect and sinless nation led by godly leaders who are completely devoted to Jehovah. Not so. My position is that Jehovah promised Abraham in Genesis 12 that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, and whoever curses Israel will be cursed. I cannot find a single verse in any subsequent book written after Abraham's time, any book in either the Old or New Testament, where that promise to Abraham was amended or revoked. It appears to be an eternal promise, and as I do not subscribe to replacement theology, indeed, consider replacement theology to be heresy, I am where I am. (I believe we are grafted in, not that we replaced.)

It also helps support the conviction that Genesis 12: 3 has not been withdrawn when events occur, REPEATEDLY, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, where the U.S. curses Israel in a specific way comes back to be a curse upon us in also the exact same way.

Now, it appears that Great Britain is finding itself in just such a difficult place.

The European Union hates Israel probably a little more than the Obama administration does. But not by much more.

Multiple nations in Europe have pushed for boycotts of Israeli goods as punishment against Israel for not breaking up her country and giving a chunk to the Palestinians. Great Britain has led the way, and the Gaza War has become a pretense for pushing even harder.

With Gaza War, Movement to Boycott Israel Gains Momentum in Europe

Now, quite suddenly, Great Britain finds herself with a real nail-biter -- is Scotland going to vote to BREAK AWAY FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND BECOME INDEPENDENT?

The same David Cameron who has badgered Israel on that very subject, break up and give land to the Palestinians, suddenly finds himself TEARFULLY pleading with Scotland to not do the same thing.

Scottish Independence: David Cameron On Verge of Tears Urging Scotland to Vote No

It is clear that as countries Scotland and England do not correlate in nature of their co-existence as parallels to the Palestinians and Israel, but what is clear, at least to this blogger, is that Cameron is pleading for Scotland to NOT do to Great Britain what he is pressuring Israel to do -- and that is TO DIVIDE THE LAND.

It's called 'the shoe is now on the other foot.'

It's also called hypocrisy.


Let's go to 9/11 for a minute.

On the surface, it appears that nothing significant happened yesterday, for which we can be thankful, because a terrorist attack on the anniversary of Islam's most successful attack against the U.S., while alarming, would not have been surprising.

In 2012, nothing appeared to have happened, but when we all got up on September 13, we learned that our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, had been attacked and four Americans lost their lives and the only airplane that moved in the hours afterwards was Air Force One, which was to take President Obama to a couple of fundraisers in Nevada.

On 9/10, 2014, President Obama gave his 'ISIS' speech to the U.S., in which he basically repeated himself, just in a more formal setting, that he would not be sending in troops to fight ISIS but that he was considering bombing Syria, without Assad's permission.

On 9/11, the Russians warned Obama, "Don't even think about it."

I find it significant that on 9/11, the Russians warned that Obama could push the world into an intense Middle East war.

Russia Warns Obama's "Two-Faced" Strategy In Syria Will Lead To "Huge Escalation In Middle East and Africa"

In addition, though Obama indicated Turkey would be part of the coalition that would go against ISIS, on 9/11, Turkey denied any such assertion. Furthermore, Germany has indicated it will not join the U.S. in bombing Syria, and the UK, who is usually right there at America's side in battle, has stated that they would have no part of bombing Syria -- they can't join with the U.S. on this one.

Report is at Debka -- read fast, they don't leave articles up for long.

In major blow to Obama's "strategy" and "coalition" against ISIS, Turkey refuses to stand with President Obama against ISIS despite being specifically named by President Obama in his speech to the American people on Wednesday night as doing so

Germany and UK also signal that they will NOT stand with President Obama against ISIS

Looks like Obama's multi-national coalition isn't quite as amalgamated as he indicated.




Blood of the Innocents, Cindy by the Sea

Obama claims 'no religion condones the killing of innocents'
(GG Note: Except, of course, HIS religion, which apparently does allow for the killing of the innocent unborn because, after all, unwanted children are 'punishment')

Wendy Davis: I wanted abortion debate to "give voice" to others
(GG Note: Please note, Wendy Davis does not mean 'the voices' of the murdered unborn)

Gloria Allred files suit against Floyd Mayweather for publishing sonogram his girlfriend gave him of the unborn twins he fathered but she decided to abort

55 Million Dead Babies, and We Thought Hitler Was Bad For Killing 6 Million Jews…(cartoon)


California sea lions dying from internal organs falling out of place, tumors

Mystery illness is decimating entire starfish populations along West Coast


President Obama blames the ILLEGAL CHILDREN for making the border crisis look bad

DHS fines two Americans $5K for border jumping while they were out riding their dirt bikes


China may have undergone some kind of coup


Opening the door to Satan -- this generation's obsession with tattoos (H/T cjlilly)

Vile "Burn White Cracker Jesus" challenge sweeps social media


The West without water

Over 80 percent of California is now in extreme drought

EPA has maps of seasonal and sporadic water courses but are not explaining how they will be used


Virologist claims fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia is lost; 5 million could die

Millions more at risk in Ebola outbreak, British report finds

New report claims that Ebola very likely to spread internationally

Ominous: Ebola cases double in DR Congo

200 dead in one day

Long list of virologists mysteriously being killed or 'suicided'


De-Dollarization Continues: China-Argentina Agree Currency Swap, Will Trade In Yuan

What petro-dollar? Russia and China create SWIFT alternative

Obama's former chief economist calls for an end to the dollar as reserve; claims it is a burden to maintain

No Country for White Men

National Wall of Debt

Small business ownership in America at all-time low


EPA: Models show “greater potential impact” to US West Coast from rainfall containing Fukushima radioactive material — California sea water with over 10 Million pCi/m3 of iodine-131 found in sample squeezed out of seaweed

“Not for Distribution, Internal Use Only”: US Energy Dept. estimated Fukushima release up to 10,000 times larger than nuclear regulators predicted — ‘Supercore’ scenario an underestimate?


"It will be unlike anything ever seen in recorded history" -- scientists gravely concerned that crater floor of Bardarbunga volcano could soon collapse into underground magma chamber; 1 trillion gallons of ice could flash into steam expanding 600 times in volume


A Message to Obama from a former Muslim:

Many note that Obama has claimed that ISIS is not Islamic and point out that the "I" in ISIS stands for Islamic. It is my thought that President Obama refuses to call ISIS Islamic because of what he stated in his 2009 Cairo speech.

Excerpt from his Cairo speech:

In Ankara, I made clear that America is not -- and never will be -- at war with Islam.

Obama did say in the same speech that the U.S. would confront violent extremism, so that is how he must classify ISIS. To do so otherwise would cause him to go against his own words in his Cairo speech, and for a person like Obama, someone who believes he is NEVER wrong, he could never do that.  Therefore, to justify strikes against ISIS, he must first claim they are not Islamic.

Obama claims in speech to Americans that ISIS is NOT Islamic; fails to understand that the "I" in ISIS stands for 'Islamic'

White House's Dan Pfeiffer claims President Obama is the real victim of ISIS

ISIS celebrates 9/11 with a cake depicting planes flying into the WTC

“This was a political speech in the guise of a military plan […] This is a president trying to save a collapsed presidency.” – Charles Krauthammer

Once again, President Obama shows he is clueless about what is going on in the Middle East

Never forget, unlike President Obama, the jihadists never rest


Senator Ted Cruz booed off stage after proclaiming that he stands with Israel


Christians, here's solution to 'gays' suing your business

American diplomat causes outrage in China by marrying his boyfriend
(GG Note: President Obama insists that other countries will embrace homosexuality.  The State Department has claimed this as a key part of the U.S. State Dept agenda.)

New law would NOT allow Californians to claim 'fear of someone's homosexuality or perceived sexuality' as a reason for self-defense

Supreme Court to meet in secret to discuss gay marriage cases

Walter Lee Williams captured

Joan Rivers, Torah code by Barry Roffman

Non-Catholic homosexual group may march in New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade, but organizers say there's no room for pro-life Catholic organization to join


Obama marks remembrance of 9/11 with a picture of . . . himself

Study finds that main stream news outlets are refusing to report on polls showing horrible numbers for President Obama in effort to protect him; failed to give that same consideration to George W

Obama's "Iraqization" of America, Sultan Knish

Obama's IRS targets conservative Breitbart for audit

Senator Cruz sends letter to IRS asking why targeting of Breitbart


Film maker Caryl Matrisciana


Nine Stunning Photos of the Massive California Wildfire Burning in Yosemite National Park