Monday, August 11, 2014



H/T to Interesting Items for posting this YouTube. Warning: Graphic, graphic content, but clearly, biblical prophecy coming to pass. Fidockave213 (also known as Seventhvial213) includes some horrifying footage of ISIS, which is an evil that is coming upon the face of the earth unlike anything seen in our lifetimes, and the severe Ebola outbreak, which does not appear to be receding anytime soon.

Washington opened the gates of Hell

President's mocking quote about ISIS - 'if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn't make them Kobe Bryant' - comes back to haunt him at White House briefing

Obama: Claims no one told him how bad ISIS is

FLASHBACK: Obama not fond of attending his own daily security briefings; misses over half

Obama: "Pulling troops out of Iraq was not my decision."

FLASHBACK: Obama spikes football on ending war and pulling out of Iraq

ISIS buries 500 alive

ISIS is beheading children!

FLASHBACK: Obama released brutal ISIS leader from detention center in Iraq 5 years ago

Obama enjoys 2nd day of golfing; surrounds himself with SWAT team and two snipers to ensure his safety

WH 'entirely unconcerned' about optics of Obama golfing while Christians in Iraq are being crucified and their children beheaded

Horror and despair of refugees stranded on mountain besieged by ISIS; dogs eating the bodies of the dead

Iraq general: 70% of Yazidis on Mount Sinjar are dead; aid dropped by Americans is useless because pallets were dropped without parachutes -- pallets exploded on impact

FLASHBACK: Obama: "Today I authorized two operations in Iraq — targeted airstrikes to protect our American personnel, and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians who are trapped on a mountain without food and water and facing almost certain death. . . . When we face a situation like we do on that mountain — with innocent people facing the prospect of violence on a horrific scale, when we have a mandate to help — Already, American aircraft have begun conducting humanitarian airdrops of food and water to help these desperate men, women and children survive. Earlier this week, one Iraqi in the area cried to the world, “There is no one coming to help.” Well today, America is coming to help." --Transcript: Obama Announces Authorization of Iraq Airstrikes, Humanitarian Aid

Two top Republicans warn that ISIS is becoming a threat to America

Obama disagrees -- whines in NYT interview that REPUBLICANS are the greatest threat to America because they are blocking HIS agenda . . . claims 'diversity' is hurting politics

FLASHBACK: Obama: Diversity makes us stronger, creative, causes us to do big things together

Meanwhile . . . Suspected American ISIS supporter arrested at New York's JFK

Report: Islamists Around the World Rushing to Join ISIS

FLASHBACK: Mitt Romney right on Iraq


Google search has death toll still at 961 from August 8. Found no new death toll update.

Doctors Without Borders claims response to outbreak is too slow; lives are being lost; death toll nears 1,000


AUG 10:  Boston expert claims "bot" spotted ebola outbreak in West Africa nine days BEFORE it hit the press; says "At this time it has not been announced that Ebola is spreading in the U.S., but predictive models show that we may be less than 9-days away from some type of official announcement based on current data," identifies at least 75 potential triggers in the United States along with potentials in Canada as well as Mexico.

Here is the map he provides:

Michael Gerson claims concerns about ebola and border security is 'unnatural' and 'malicious'

Expert on Ebola Threat: US Officials in 'Denial,' 'Don't Want to Worry About It'

The CDC's Worst Nightmare (Or What Nigeria Has To Look Forward To)

What Ebola outbreak would look like in U.S.

AUG 9: Ebola expert warns of African "Apocalypse" if outbreak worsens

AUG 11: WHO Warns "No End In Sight" As 170 Ebola Healthcare Workers Now Infected; 81 have died; healthcare workers fear for their lives

Was a 2-year old the "Ground Zero" patient?


“The ancient sign of nearing national judgment has been manifested. The erez tree has fallen. The seventh harbinger now speaks of impending judgment. The Tree of Hope, the symbol of America’s resurgence … is dead." --Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

'Harbinger' author says loss of 'Tree of Hope' a warning