Thursday, July 31, 2014


Interesting same-day occurrence:

Reported at CBS St. Louis:

President Barack Obama responded to a heckler in Kansas City on Wednesday, with Obama responding to the woman yelling, “Jesus is the Lord of Israel.”

“I’m sorry what you hollering about?” Obama asks the woman, as the crowd noise picks up to drown her out. He then casually replied, “I believe in God. Thanks for the prayer. Amen. Thank you.”

As Obama chuckled and continued with his speech to supporters, the crowd erupted in a chant of “We love you! We love you!”

Reported at Washington Post:

House Republicans voted to proceed with a lawsuit against President Obama on Wednesday, saying that his executive actions are so extreme that they violate the Constitution.

LA Times calls the move "first of its kind."



GG Note: Remember, this ebola virus really started taking off in the last three weeks or so, as the WHOLE world has come up in condemnation against Israel for responding to the murders of the three Israeli teens and to Hamas firing rockets from Gaza into Israel. As the whole world, led by the U.S. and the U.N., has come up against Israel, this deadly, incurable virus has come up as a threat against the WHOLE world. We are being warned repeatedly that this virus is just ONE PLANE ride away from spreading. And with President Obama not caring about who is coming in with (or even stopping) the surge of illegals, many of whom are already sick with other illnesses and diseases over the southern border of the U.S., we all know that it will take JUST ONE PERSON who is sick with ebola, perhaps even deliberately, to cause a horrible situation here.  If suicide bombers don't mind strapping explosives to their bodies, what makes you think they wouldn't mind contracting ebola if it means death to a great many in the "Great Satan"?

Look, if we are just now being told that the world came close to being "devastated" by a solar storm in 2012, TWO years after the fact, what makes you think we will be told the truth about ebola in a timely fashion? What will we be told about ebola in 2016, when it's "safe" to do so? (Safe meaning "won't cause panic.")

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