Monday, June 23, 2014


As President Obama has heated up his actions during his proclaimed Gay Pride month, so has the Benghazi and IRS scandals.

For instance, we learned over the weekend that Hilary Clinton didn't REALLY think it was a YouTube video that was behind the Benghazi attack (despite her MANY public claims otherwise), it's just that when Hilary was presented with the "hard choice" of standing up to President Obama with the truth or submit to Obama's insistence that she present the American people with a deception, well . . . guess some things weren't so hard after all.

Clinton bristled at Benghazi deception

Rep Brady to Koskinen: “This is the most corrupt and deceitful IRS in history.”

Interesting that ISIS has really come to the forefront during Obama's Pride Month, proving to be a huge black eye for him though he speaks of confronting ISIS in a strange metaphor, as though ISIS militants were some game pieces and it is beneath him to engage in such confrontations.

'The US can't play whack-a-mole with extremists': Obama says

Woodward: Generals Were on their Knees Begging Obama to Keep Some Troops in Iraq

Official flag of foreign policy

This blog has noted before that it seems that whenever the Obama administration engages in talks with Iran, then Obama's birth certificate comes up in the news again, in some way.

June 18, World Powers begin drafting nuclear deal

June 20, Dem Rep: Accusation IRS Intentionally Lost Lerner Emails Equivalent to Birtherism

The Presbyterian Church was in the news twice this week. First, they voted to allow homosexual 'marriages.' Second, they voted to divest from Israel.

Strange how often those two actions often go hand in hand -- once a denomination votes to do one thing they also vote to do the other.

And speaking of heating up, how about Hawaii, that state that is so special to President Obama?

World's largest active volcano shows signs of life in Hawaii



ALASKA: Volcanoes are waking up in the Aleutian islands, most activity seen in 26 years

ANIMALS: Great White Shark numbers surging off East Coast

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS: Scientists link MILLIONS of starfish dying off in the Pacific Ocean to warming of the waters


BRO. BRIAN: Bro. Brian’s thoughts for June 21, 2014

DISNEY: School features 4-year-olds pole dancing to Disney tunes

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: How a country dies, ZeroHedge

DOLLAR COLLAPSE: 10 Economic Truths Not Understood by Liberals

EVIL: Evil will find a way

FUKUSHIMA: Farmers: Fukushima radiation causing mystery disease — Many animals have developed spots all over their bodies — What if this starts to afffect people? It must be examined — Gov’t can’t identify problem

FUKUSHIMA: Fukushima responsible for “largest-ever” amount of radioactive pollution… “We did something terrible” — Scientist: Nuclear fuel “still melting down… there’s melting happening in the cores”

GDW: Slow-motion fracking earthquakes, Alaska's flurry of volcanic eruptions, Minnesota flooding, piglet virus

GITMO 5: From LL101:

IRAQ: The Curse of ISIS (not the Egyptian goddess!)

IRAQ: John Kerry's "Iran" Solution For Iraq (In 1 Cartoon)

IRAQ: Judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death, executed by ISIS

ISRAEL: Perfect red heifer to be sent to Israel to purify coming Third Jewish Temple (H/T Steve Coerper's Homework Page)

ISRAEL: Jews Leaving France in Droves, Heading to Israel

JOHN McTERNAN: Iran Supreme Leader: The Shiite Islamic Messiah Is Coming To Free The World

LGBT: Activist claims Obama "has been the best president for transgender rights, and nobody else is in second place"

LGBT: Obama expands government benefits for gay couples

LGBT: Kerry says he's working hard to have LGBT ambassadors represent the U.S.

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS: Big Bang snafu, storms, space weather

VA SCANDAL: VAs simply cancel MRIs it can't schedule