Thursday, June 19, 2014


On Friday the 13th, a Senate Democrat decided to write a bill that formally declares President Obama's primary foreign policy to be the advancement of LGBT issues in EVERY country on the planet. The consequences for not submitting would be the cut-off of U.S. dollars until said nations are properly contrite.

On Wednesday the 18th, new polling shows Obama gets the lowest approval rating EVER, and it is because of how he handles foreign policy issues.

Poll shows Obama hits new low on foreign policy

Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Believe Obama Can't Get the Job Done

Obama's poll slide continues

Poll: Obama Hits Record Lows On Foreign Policy, Competence

WSJ/NBC Poll: Americans Increasingly Losing Faith in Obama

Chuck Todd went so far to say that the poll indicates that this President's presidency is over. Todd adds the further burn that Obama is seen as less competent than the President that Obama frequently depicts as the worst thing that ever happened to America, George W. Bush.

Chuck Todd: “Essentially the public is saying your presidency is over.”

Todd: Polling 'Disaster for the President,' Seen as 'Less Competent' than Bush Post-Katrina

Is Obama's presidency over? I would say not until the bull is out of the China shop.



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