Thursday, May 15, 2014


Chuck Hagel arrived in Israel for meetings yesterday and today according to JPost.

Hagel arrives to discuss security

Yet once again, for the what, 10,000th time?, Obama's impending agreement with Iran will be part of the discussion. When you read Abe Greenwald's piece for Commentary Magazine, it's almost a certainty that Obama's plan for Iran won't end well. The man simply doesn't have the Midas touch when it comes to anything.

He's Made it Worse: Obama's Middle East

As Hagel meets with Israel's Defense Minister, there will be another hearing on the Hill today to hear testimony about the emerging scandal concerning the VA, a scandal which alleges that many veterans across the nation were put on secret waiting lists since they could not be seen within the 14-day period as required to do so.

Director Shinseki claims he "welcomes" a White House investigation.

Of course he does!

Name one scandal that this White House has "looked at" that has actually resulted in anything substantial. Eric Holder ain't gonna do squat about a bunch of vets who didn't get seen right away by doctors. The White House sure isn't going to find a "smidgen" of corruption. The delays in vets' getting appointments will be justified in some manner. Carney will snivel something about "the President" and "the right thing" and it will be a bunch of slop like it always is.

Sorry, cynical this a.m.

Speaking of long wait times to be seen by a doctor, Daily Mail Online is reporting that that is apparently what happened to that MERS patient in Florida. Seems he sat for quite a few hours in a Florida emergency room waiting to be seen, and in the meantime came into contact with about 100 patients and their accompanying family members and staff.

Fears that MERS patient has infected hundreds with virus as Orlando hospital claims sufferer spent at least FOUR HOURS in emergency waiting room

Speaking of doctors, an Obamacare insurer now says that customers need to break the "choice" habit, because choice ain't gonna happen under Obamacare. Only under this administration can the matter of "choice" be taken all the way to the Supreme Court as fundamental to the survival of women and yet, in the same breath, frame "choice" as a "bad habit" for consumers who want to "choose" their doctors, "choose" their health care services, and "choose" what their premiums will cost. So do we get this?  "Choice" is ONLY for women, and it is only to decide whether they kill the baby they are carrying or not. "Choice" is NOT for ANYBODY ELSE because only the government, thru the insurance packages it offers you, is allowed to decide what is right for you.

Insurer: Obamacare customers must break "choice" habit

One thing is for sure in southern California -- residents are not getting a choice -- they are having to flee major wildfires that have broken out, including near a military base.

And scientists are noting that the depletion of ground water, particularly in drought-stricken areas, may play a role in increasing the number of earthquakes. The theory is that if there is a lot of groundwater in place, the weight applies pressure to faultlines preventing slippage. But as groundwater is depleted, the weight lifts from faults and earthquakes can result.

Interesting theory. Not helpful to California and Oklahoma as both are undergoing increasing drought and, in Oklahoma's case, increasing earthquakes.

Depletion of Central Valley's groundwater may be causing earthquakes

While some scientists are looking at earthquakes, others are looking at the upcoming hurricane season.

Apparently it's been nine years since a "major" hurricane, which is a Category 3, 4, or 5, has hit the U.S. Despite her fury and drama, Superstorm Sandy in 2012 was a Cat 1.

Hurricane hiatus: Will the USA's luck run out this year?