Monday, May 12, 2014


Debka is reporting that Chuck Hagel is in Jeddah today to " to attend a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council defense ministers, the first for an American defense chief in six years."

Debka goes on to say, "This prolonged absence reflected the Obama administration’s military disengagement from Middle East affairs and the political estrangement that ensued between Washington and the region," and that "Disengaging the US military from the Middle East and its troubles leaves Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel free to devote himself to implementing the president’s guidelines for shrinking America’s ground, air and naval forces. The White House brooks no resistance to this goal."

Debka has more to say about not only Hagel's trip to Jeddah, but also President Obama's willingness to let Iran become a nuclear state. Read fast -- they don't keep their articles up long.

Chuck Hagel faces flat resistance to US regional policies in his coming Mid East trip

Hagel then goes to Amman, Jordan, and then to Jerusalem. Here, "He is due to arrive exactly a week after Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice tiptoed out of Israel Friday, May 9. Her two day visit and talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – mainly on the Iranian nuclear issue - ended without any kind of press statement or even a notice of her departure. Hagel, too, can expect to find Jerusalem’s resistance to the Washington’s regional policy on a par with that of Riyadh, the Gulf and Amman."

As Hagel left on his trip to try and convince unbelieving Mid-East leaders into the all-knowing wisdom of President Obama's "I-know-best" perspective, tornadoes broke out in Hagel's home state of Nebraska. has pictures and news of the damage.

Reported Tornadoes Leave Damage in Nebraska and Iowa

Hagel is also in the news because . . . he is "open" to reviewing military policy regarding transgender people serving in the military. He believes that as long as the individual "loves" their country and wants to serve, then there should be a place for them.

Too bad the same can't be said for the Department of Veteran Affairs that he so happens to oversee. Meaning . . . there are military veterans who need medical care but it seems that there is NO PLACE for them in the current system of allotting doctor appointments, so some vets who have already "loved" their country and "served" it are dying without getting any help. Just this past week, as Hagel was preparing for his trip, several high-level government officials called for the director of the VA to step down. On Thursday, May 8th (as Rice was in Israel), the director was subpoenaed to appear before Congress to give an account of what is happening to our vets. Without any sense of guilt or shame that family members are accusing the VA of horrific abdication of responsibility for these vets, the director said, "No"; he saw no reason why he should have to leave. It is a scandal that is happening on Hagel's watch, and as he comes up against Israel on behalf of President Obama and President Obama's agenda for Israel, it is rearing its ugly head.

This blog has noted before that when a nation is under judgment, it's foreign policy will be mocked. This is something that David Wilkerson explained in a sermon of his in 1992.

From my December 18 post:

Wilkerson says that one of the signs that a nation is under judgment is that her foreign policy is in disarray -- that nation will look foolish and incompetent.

And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations whither the Lord shall lead thee. --Deut. 28:37

This verse indicates that a nation under judgment is talked about by other nations. Fingers are pointed and behavior is whispered about and gossiped about and laughed at. Questions are asked if good judgment is being used or good decorum or evident wisdom.


Secretary of State John Kerry has been repeatedly mocked. I think I've actually lost count of just how many times, nevertheless, a new mocking has occurred. This time it comes from the country that President Obama really wants to be BFFs with -- Iran.

See . . . it seems they seized on a certain word that Kerry used recently and spun it around and used it against the U.S., in an indirect-direct sorta way.

For a refresher on the Kerry usage, just search "John Kerry apartheid cartoon." They are, to use a medical lab acronym -- TNTC (too numerous too count).

Newsmax tells us how the Iranians picked up Kerry's faux pas and ran with it.

Rouhani: Iran Won't Accept 'Nuclear Apartheid'

Though Kerry won't find it terribly fun having his "misspoken" word thrown back at him, especially by the Iranians and in this context, at least it is better than what the North Koreans threw at President Obama.

The North Koreans have called President Obama a "wicked black monkey," and compared him to a ". . . monkey with a red bum, irrationally eating everything. Africa's national zoo will be the perfect place for Obama to live, licking breadcrumbs thrown by visitors.'"

Ok, that's harsh!

And the White House is said to be "furious."


I do not agree with President Obama's policies on hardly anything, especially his aggressive pro-abortion views, and I think there is no way he is a Christian as the Bible defines a Christian, but I think attacking people for the way they look or for the color of their skin is completely off limits.  I've never done that here on this blog, and I don't intend to go there.

But I want to point out something from the North Koreans' "screed" (as Drudge phrased it):

Remember, way back what now seems like 200 years ago, back, in 2008, President Obama showed us the contents of his pockets while on the campaign trail? One of the little charms in there set the Hindu world "achatter" as it seems that the little monkey charm with four arms was none other than "Lord Hanuman."

That little pocket charm has not been President Obama's only encounter with "Lord Hanuman" -- I have written extensively about President Obama and his connection to Hanuman in several posts.


So . . . how interesting it is to see President Obama mocked so severely in such a personal way -- by being compared to the VERY CREATURE he carries as a pocket charm, the creature that is worshiped by millions as a god, and ironically enough, as the "god of crises."

Yep . . . Hanuman is the one you are supposed to pray to when you are wading out in the deep stuff.

I've also reminded readers in several posts that Diane Reidy, a pastor's wife, took to the floor of the House last October and declared, "God will not be mocked." I noted that at the time, our government was voting to reopen after having been shutdown in a showdown over Obamacare. At THE SAME TIME, it had been revealed that President Obama had been involved in phone calls with Iran.


Now, as Susan Rice went to Israel last week to try and armtwist Benjamin Netanyahu into accepting President Obama's impending agreement with Iran or at least don't strike Iran (because it would "scuttle" his entire efforts to get a deal, any deal, with them), one of the most severest mockings of our President ever reported came from North Korea.

And let's take note that these vicious remarks from the North Koreans were actually made while Obama was visiting South Korea about two weeks prior, but were only revealed last week, while Susan Rice was in Israel.

And, curiously enough, the wording they used saying that Obama should be living in a "zoo," "licking breadcrumbs thrown by visitors" is strange because of the image it invokes -- that of President Obama behind bars.  We have seen President Obama in such a context before, courteous of President Obama himself.  Twice now, he has tweeted "selfies" of himself in a prison setting -- first during his South African visit, and second when Nelson Mandela died.


So . . . John Kerry uses a terribly offensive racial slur against Israel (Caroline Glick called it "anti-Semitic") while speaking in an official capacity as Secretary of State, barely a week or so later, a terribly offensive racial tirade is ranted against President Obama.

I personally think that this is one of those "as is done unto Israel . . . ."

'Wicked black monkey': White House furious over North Korea's racist Obama slur in inexplicable rant from rogue state's mouthpiece

By the way, some questioned if a poem that President Obama wrote about "apes" while in college and published in Occidental College's magazine, Feast, was anti-Semitic. So . . . curious that President Obama is described as something he once wrote about.

Did Obama Write Anti-Semitic Poetry?