Monday, May 5, 2014


I apologize for the length of this post up front, but there is a lot of ground to cover.

Well . . . that was fast!

On Friday, this blog wondered which views might be ferreted out next in the NBA.


The NBA proudly notes that ALL the other team owners are on board with the punishment of what this man said in private. If Sterling had gone on a rant in a public venue -- I could entirely understand. But what is next? Pro-life views? Disagreement with using the IRS to target Obama's political opponents? Wanting an investigation of Benghazi? For not following President Obama's example of saying "InsyAllah"? For being pro-Israel? Against dividing Israel much less Jerusalem? Believing radical Islam is responsible for 9/11? Going to the next Dinesh D'Souza movie? Supporting traditional marriage? Not contributing a significant portion of your income to LGBT causes? Eating at Chick-fil-A? Praying to JESUS in public? Tebowing? Believing the Bible is God's Holy Word? Not convinced that global warming is man made? What privately-held or privately-expressed view is next? The NBA put us all on a slippery slope. Make no mistake -- it is highly likely other views will now be ferreted out and met with the same severity. What view is no longer acceptable? Who decides? Who determines the price? And now that members of President Obama's political party want to "scour" the Internet looking for "hate speech," watch out if you own anything, right?


In this article about Floyd Mayweather, Twitter was ablaze with outrage over a tweet from Mayweather about his girlfriend killing her (and his) unborn twin babies and suggested that his "pro-life" views should disqualify Mayweather from being allowed to buy the LA Clippers.


"Mayweather posting that announcement (basically called her a baby killer) plus ultrasound photos on FB is abusive behavior," Sports on Earth writer Jessica Luther tweeted. She labeled Money Mayweather and his online followers "anti-choicers." Another writer sees the Tweet as a potential disqualification for buying the Clippers, an idea the sports world's highest-paid athlete floated earlier this week. "Reminder that Floyd Mayweather is interested in owning the Los Angeles Clippers," Michael Katz wrote at SB Nation. "That seems like a bad idea." (emphasis mine)

Mayweather: Abortion Caused Breakup, 'I'm Totally Against Killing Babies'

And this article:

Ex Shantel Jackson Says Anti-Abortion Tweet Should Kill Mayweather's Clippers Ownership Bid

The second taboo "view" came in this next article, and it is about, surprise! an NBA owner who supports traditional marriage.


DeVos, the co-founder of Amway, has donated to Focus on the Family, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and other traditionalist groups. He also has generously supported measures aimed at maintaining marriage as a one-man, one-woman institution, calling “respecting marriage” a “sacred issue.” This outrages SportsGrid writer Jake O’Donnell, who wonders whether holding this opinion—codified into law by the majority of states—should be grounds for disqualification in the NBA’s club of owners. “Hey, this isn’t nearly the same thing as Donald Sterling’s recorded hate-rant,” he concedes. “It is, however, food for thought when discussing the NBA as a place for everyone, vis-a-vis the opinions held by the owners.” (emphasis mine)

The NBA’s Slippery Sterling Slope: Haters Target Christian Owner

I have a question: If it is wrong to SUPPORT traditional marriage, when does it become wrong to be IN a traditional marriage? After all, isn't there a bit of a disconnect to be in a relationship that society is now trending towards not allowing support of that relationship?

Stay tuned, I am sure there will be more articles like this to come.

In the meantime, Debka reported something really interesting over the weekend about Iran and their acknowledgement that their ancient Persian leader, Cyrus the Great, did indeed call for the Jews to return to Israel and decreed that they would be allowed to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. The Bible addresses this, but when the Ayatollah took over Iran in the 70s, this part of their history was apparently repudiated, and Cyrus was declared some sort of heretic, or something along those lines. So it is interesting to note that they are reversing course and allowing this admission, and they did this in a Jewish synagogue. Huh??? Read it for yourself.

The same Debka article notes that Susan Rice will be traveling with Wendy Sherman to Israel later this week to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu. Debka notes there are two goals to this visit.


Tehran is pinning high hopes on the visit to Israel this week by US National Security Adviser Susan Rice and the senior US negotiator Wendy Sherman on a twofold mission:

1. To try and talk Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu out of his absolute conviction that the accord to be signed, which will acknowledge Iran as a nuclear threshold state, is bad and harmful to Israel’s and world security.

2. If that doesn’t work, Rice and Sherman will try and obtain an Israeli pledge not to resort to a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, an action that would scuttle the Obama administration’s entire Iran strategy.

The coming visit by these two senior American officials has caused few ripples in Israel. However, for the Iranians, so much is at stake, that Rouhani sent a prominent cleric to stand up in a Shiraz synagogue and underwrite Cyrus the Great’s acknowledgement of the Jewish homeland in Judah and their temple in Jerusalem. He considered it was worthwhile for the sake of an international accord that accepts Iran’s nuclear threshold status and averts an Israeli attack.

High-ranking Iranian cleric visits Shiraz synagogue, confirms Biblical version of Jewish homeland

So we see that the purpose of this visit is to either get Benjamin Netanyahu to accept that Iran will be on the threshold of being a nuclear state but not to fear this or worry that this status will endanger Israel, OR, if Netanyahu won't accept President Obama's position then gain a concession that Netanyahu will not strike Iran, something that would "scuttle the Obama administration's entire Iran strategy."

This blog has made mention before that whenever President Obama pushes the P5+1 talks with Iran, his birth certificate comes up in the news in some way. The last time, which was just a few days ago, President Obama, himself, brought up his birth certificate. Well . . . he is the one who brought it up again, this time at the White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday night.

But he would go on to eviscerate his foes, bring up Kenya and "birthers" not once but twice, delight in charging Republicans with racism . . .

Obama: "While we are talking sports, just last month, a wonderful story. An American won the Boston Marathon for the first time in 30 years. [Applause] Which was inspiring and only fair since a Kenyan has been president for the last six. We have to even things out."

Obama: "Let’s face it, Fox, you’ l miss me when I’ m gone. [Laughter] It will be harder to convince the American people that Hillary was born in Kenya."

Obama Skips Self-Deprecation, Lashes Out at Republicans in Vicious WHCA Dinner Monologue

Funny, right?

As Rice and Sherman head to Israel, there are five events to make note of as the U.S. comes up against Israel.

1. Severe weather.  A storm system is setting up over the center part of the U.S., including Oklahoma, which the Weather Channel has already said may be "ground zero" for severe weather. Though this system is not expected to produce a tornado outbreak such as the system from last week, the Weather Channel has issued a TorCon of 5 for central Oklahoma.

2. Benghazi. Benghazi has really taken on a life of its own. I found a timeline of events involving Judicial Watch and when the "smoking gun email" was obtained and released. The following article indicates that the email was obtained April 18, and Judicial Watch made the announcement on April 29 that they had it. The article then goes on to note that President Obama hired Neil Eggleston, a lawyer who helps the rich and powerful involved in political scandals.

Four things of interest:

a. Carlos at Chozeh and Nabiy posted this on April 18, WITHOUT knowledge of the email as that was not made public until April 29.

America's Fall, the Last Eight Years: A Parable in Pictures

b. This blog wondered on April 28, that because Secretary Kerry in a speech before the Trilateral Commission "hinted that perhaps change in Israeli, or Palestinian, leadership would be helpful to achieve U.S. goals" if the President's own presidency might become imperiled should we pay attention to the fact that President Obama hired Neil Eggleston right before he went on his Asian trip?

Catharine Evans is wondering the same thing.


The timeline is interesting on this one. Judicial Watch has fought for two years to get documents from the State Departments specifically pertaining to the talking points used by former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on talk shows. A federal judge finally ordered their release two weeks ago. Three days later, Obama hired Eggleston. Eight days later, JW went public with the e-mails.

Did President Obama lawyer up in anticipation of Judicial Watch’s release of the Benghazi e-mails? . . .

c. On April 29, THE DAY that the Benghazi email was made public was THE SAME DAY Caroline Glick took issue with Secretary Kerry's "apartheid" remark and strongly labeled it "anti-Semitic." I addressed her remarks in my May 1 post.


d. Before the week was done, John Kerry was issued a subpoena to explain why Judicial Watch obtained an email that was not given to members of Congress when they asked for emails related to Benghazi.

BREAKING: John Kerry Subpoenaed Over Benghazi Stonewalling

One of the questions some have asked is where was President Obama when the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate took place? We learned in Bret Baer's interview with a former White House staffer, Tommy Vietor, that Obama was NOT in the situation room. Oh, boy! Then where was he?? Biff Spackle gives his take on what he thinks was happening in the White House.

Benghazi Comix

Obama may, however, still have a lifeline.

The mainstream media is Obama's first and last hope on Benghazi

Tragically, we are not done with remarks from Secretary Kerry. A member of Kerry's team, "bitter" that negotiations failed, said this to an Israeli newspaper:

“I guess we need another intifada to create the circumstances that would allow progress...”


Intifada means "armed uprising" by Palestinians against the Israelis.

Think about that.

How would President Obama react if, say, Vladimir Putin got tired of dealing with Obama and called on U.S. citizens to take up arms and rise up against the U.S. government? Probably not too well. Yet, that is what a member of Kerry's team is suggesting: that an armed uprising by the Palestinians against Netanyahu might bring the results Obama wants. Team members further hinted that the Palestinians are going to get their state whether Netanyahu is onboard with that or not.

Remember, as we do unto Israel . . .

In what is surely a full-circle event, Susan Rice, who is deeply connected to Benghazi because she went on five morning talk shows and told the American people that a video caused a spontaneous protest, which led to the deaths of four Americans, will be the one sent this week to Israel to convince Netanyahu to get "on board" with Obama's plans for Iran and Israel.

3. IRS's Lois Lerner faces contempt hearing.  Some members of Congress (Republicans, not Democrats) want Lois Lerner to give more information about why certain conservative groups were singled out for extra scrutiny and questioning, an event that did not happen to groups involved with promoting issues important to Democrats. Lerner has refused on two separate occasions. Now the committee investigating these complaints from conservative groups may be willing to vote to hold Lerner in contempt.

Remember, originally, officials at the IRS said the problem that some conservative groups received extra scrutiny came primarily out of Cleveland, Ohio. However, it's been discovered since then that this does not appear to be accurate. So far, Lerner is not willing to do for Congress what she may have demanded from conservative groups: answers to extra questions.

Note that the date of the article is May 1, just a few days after Kerry's "apartheid" remark.

Lois Lerner Faces House Contempt Vote Next Week

4. Obamacare. This Thursday Washington D.C.'s Court of Appeals will hear arguments about whether the ACA (Obamacare) adheres to the "origination clause" of the Constitution or not.

George Will: Obamacare 'Doomed' Under Constitution's Origination Clause

And 5. Obama to receive "humanity" award.   Kerry's "apartheid" remark was revealed on the day that Israel was taking time to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Several Israeli papers placed Kerry's remark next to pictures of the Holocaust remembrance.


In a certainly strange twist of events, President Obama will be in California this week fundraising for his Democratic party (and maybe a golf game or two?), and while there, he will be accepting an award while at a "Holocaust Memorial event."

Obama to Visit California to Raise Money, Receive Holocaust Award

It is clear that as Rice and Sherman go to Israel this week to "deal with" Netanyahu, several issues pertaining to President Obama's presidency are going to be front and center in the news. Who knows how things will turn out. At this point, all we can do is watch.