Friday, April 25, 2014


One of the sites I check out daily is the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle. A few days ago they linked to a documentary on Yellowstone (45 mins) that I found quite interesting. About half-way thru the YouTube, the narrator mentions that on average, up until early 2009, Yellowstone had about 12 earthquakes a day, almost all of which were too small to be felt. However, beginning in early 2009, the number of earthquakes occurring daily began increasing, to 4 times as many, and the number occurring has not settled back down. In addition, since early 2009, many of the earthquakes can be felt by visitors to the park, with some earthquakes as high as 3.9.  Don't get me wrong -- I am not saying that prior to early 2009, NONE of the earthquakes were felt because I am not saying that.  The narrator is saying that more earthquakes began occurring in the park in early 2009, and in addition more of these earthquakes could be felt.  Okay?  Okay!  Moving on.  It was the "early 2009" part that caught my attention.

Let's flashback, courtesy of Obama 111 website, and read the captions under two photo montages:

Yes -- you read that right. By early March (3rd and 4th), 2009, the Obama administration was already stating as an objective to obtain was the creation of a Palestinian state. And Hilary was already hot on the job.

A short Google search didn't reveal exactly when the earthquakes began their uptick, and I wish the narrator had been more specific, but interesting time frame nonetheless.

Yesterday, on FOX News, Bret Baer interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu, and they discussed the unity pact just formed between Abbas of the Palestinians and Hamas. With this pact, Netanyahu declared that the peace talks are effectively "dead." This morning, this article from Arutz Sheva indicates the Israelis are actually furious with the U.S. for their rather "feeble" statements about the situation.

Look at this one particular quote and then sit back and really think about it for a minute.

"Four times (PA Chairman) Mahmoud Abbas refused to advance the talks in recent weeks," a diplomatic source said. "He refused the American paper (framework deal), he refused to recognize the Jewish state, he refused a meeting with (US President) Barack Obama, and refused to receive the prisoner (release) deal and going to the UN institutions."

Wait a minute!  Did I read that right??  Did President Obama offer to meet with Abbas and Abbas refused? If that is true, what does that say for any "clout" this President is supposed to have? What does that say when a non-elected leader of a terrorist organization that just puts on lipstick occasionally to look acceptable can tell supposedly the most powerful man on the earth to take a hike?

America's Pitiful Response

Again, let's flashback to early 2009, via the Obama 111 website.

Yep, you read that right. Apparently, in early 2009, Obama seemed to indicate, at least publicly anyway, that any money that flowed into Gaza was not to end up with Hamas.  So does the lack of a strong reaction from Obama or his State Dept indicate Hamas isn't really a problem now?

During his interview with Bret Baer, Netanyahu also discussed Iran's nuclear program and that the deal the U.S. was brokering was not acceptable to Israel. JPost is also reporting more on that.

Israel can’t accept the emerging US-Iran accord

I find it interesting that the talks are declared pretty much dead while President Obama is in Japan, trying to shore up assertions that the U.S. really does have Japan's back when it comes to China, the very same assertion that Obama has publicly made to Israel repeatedly with regard to Iran. In a country that puts a high premium on saving face publicly, Obama is learning that he is coming home to yet another foreign policy failure for him -- the MidEast peace talks. It is also interesting to me that while Obama is in Japan, where the crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor continues to NOT make the news here in the U.S., we are also learning that the Israelis are not putting their stamp of approval on the U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement.

Speaking of foreign policy disasters, ZeroHedge made this observation:

"Obama's life is about to become a living nightmare"

And speaking of living nightmare, let's hope this weekend does not turn out as dire as some might think it could be.

Massive tornado outbreak predicted for this weekend across the South

If you get a chance to watch this Yellowstone YouTube, I recommend it. The structure of the park is explained, and some of the changes that have been taking place since early 2009, including the rising of the bottom of Yellowstone Lake, are, I think, interesting.

Yellowstone National Park and the Caldera Super Volcano