Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Because of the length of this post, I am breaking it down into 3 parts. Part 2 is now posted (below), and Part 3, which will cover a specific event with President Obama from exactly 4 years ago in 2010, that I guarantee you he did not see coming back to haunt him in 2014, will be posted tomorrow. 


As I compose this post this morning, Oklahoma is watching the weather. Central Oklahoma will be coming under a moderate risk for tornadoes later this afternoon and evening. That means keeping the local news station on should they switch over to wall-to-wall coverage of storms approaching the metroplex and having a plan to vacate to the storm cellar should the situation warrant.

I have used that very scenario dozens of times to explain why I blog about some of the situations in the news. Some news events bear watching because they involve Israel. Anytime a U.S. president (not just President Obama, but any U.S. president) has pressured Israel to divide the land promised to Abraham in Genesis, “things” have happened back here in the states, either on the same day or within 24 hours. There are a number of us who have documented such “same-day” happenings time and time again. (see footnote 1)

A few days ago, we heard rumors that the peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians broke down. As this storm system sets up across the Plains States, we are learning, via Debka, just how badly the talks have not just stalled, but disintegrated. More on that in Part 2.

It was Saturday, March 22, that we learned that Abbas had said “No,” to Obama on three core issues.

TV report: Abbas said ‘no’ to Obama on 3 core peace issues

Strangely enough, it was on the same day, Saturday, March 22, that the horrific Oso mudslide occurred in Washington state.

Wikipedia notes:

Excluding landslides caused by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or dam collapses, this is the deadliest single landslide event in United States history.

Oso, Washington, mudslide

This reminded me of what Daniel at Prayers for the People had written in The Vision: The Trigger, about a giant garbage slide hitting a man on the edge of a precipice and the name “Israel” being in front of him. (see footnote 2)

Curiously, President Obama tweeted a selfie on February 26, of him looking into the largest abyss we have here in the U.S., the Grand Canyon. He did this shortly before meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel about the peace process on March 3.


Then we started watching March 28, because that was the day the “Obama-Kerry framework” was rumored as the day to be revealed.


And March 28 turned out to be quite an interesting day.

First, the movie Noah debuted, and 20 seconds after the “end of the world scene” began, a strong 5.1 earthquake rattled throughout Los Angeles down to San Diego. The time -- 9:11. Over 100 aftershocks have been felt since then.

Second, earthquakes have not been limited to L.A. Mt. Hood in Oregon has registered over 100 small earthquakes, and Oklahoma has had several earthquakes strong enough to be felt over large parts of central Oklahoma.

Third, Yellowstone had a strong 4.8 earthquake. While Yellowstone has often had earthquake swarms, sometimes numbering in the thousands, many of those quakes are too small to be felt. However, the 4.8 earthquake alarmed a number of observers, not just because it was the strongest in Yellowstone in 29 years (some sources say 34 years), but because of the location -- on the western edge of the Yellowstone caldera, an area which has seen over 10 inches of uplift since 2004.

What Would An Eruption Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Look Like?


The peace talks the the U.S. had been brokering between the Israelis and the Palestinians appear to have collapsed. Utterly.

There is a reason why the U.S. should not negotiate with terrorists, which is what the foundation of Yasser Arafat’s PLO is founded upon, and that’s because terrorists, once they are convinced they have the upper hand, will ALWAYS up the ante, no matter how much is already going their way.

And that’s exactly what Abbas did.

Debka has an article today outlining what led to the collapse. (Emphasis in excerpts mine)

Abbas dumps another US-led peace effort, Kerry gives up on shuttle, Pollard release recedes

First, Abbas did not walk away from the negotiations. Instead, according to debka, Abbas “simply turned his back on the commitment he made ahead of the talks to refrain from unilateral applications to UN bodies while they were in progress. As soon as the US Secretary flew off to Brussels, he sent out applications for “the independent Palestinian state” to join 12 UN agencies as members.”

Understand -- as soon as Kerry boarded a plane and was off on his merry way to Brussels, Abbas did what he said he would not do -- made unilateral applications to various UN bodies.

What a boomerang upon this administration, which is often accused, particularly where Obamacare is concerned, of doing just that -- doing what they said they would not do (publicly, no less!).

Did Kerry know Abbas was going to do this? Was this all for show? Possibly. A number of my readers, and I certainly agree with them, never believed Abbas had any intentions of signing a peace deal with Netanyahu. Abbas’ intentions were to get as many concessions and prisoners freed as possible then walk.

And President Obama and Secretary Kerry certainly made it easier for Abbas to make such demands as they, particularly President Obama, have communicated on a number of occasions strong empathy for the “plight” of the Palestinians and their staunch belief that Israel is the “bad guy” in this neighborhood.

Team Obama Considers Israel a 'Hostile Power'

Debka further notes:

This was after the Palestinian leader upped his price for meeting Kerry’s request to extend peace diplomacy from April up until the end of the year. He demanded that Israel raise the number of 26 Palestinians due to be released from jail this weekend, to 1,000. They must also include Israeli Arabs.

He was not satisfied with Israel’s offer to free another 400 terrorists and accept a partial settlement freeze; Israel must release the same number as it traded for Gilead Shalit, the Israeli hostage held by Hamas, he said. . . .

When he landed in Israel Monday night, Kerry brought Israel the fresh Palestinian demand for a tenfold increase in the number of Palestinian security prisoners listed for the fourth round of releases – 420 instead of the original 30 – to include also Israeli Arabs, which a large number of ministers oppose.

This is why it is dangerous to negotiate with terrorists -- they always want more. Many in Israel have been angered by and have protested against the release of dangerous prisoners, many of whom committed acts of terrorism that resulted in the deaths of Israelis, as a “gesture of goodwill” toward the Palestinians.

Debka makes clear that Netanyahu was hesitant. His coalition might collapse under such a strain.

Perhaps that is a “side effect” that Obama and Kerry are hoping for. Who knows?

In addition to a 10-fold increase in the number of Palestinian prisoners to be released, Abbas had an additional “requirement.”

Israel was also required to accept a freeze on settlement construction on the West Bank as well as Jerusalem.

These concessions were the Palestinians’ price for accepting the extension of talks up until the end of this year.

. . . the Palestinians, fully conscious of Kerry’s objective and his pressure on Netanyahu, saw their chance to continually up their stipulations for more Israeli concessions as the price for keeping the talks afloat.

Let’s remember that until President Obama came to office, not building in Jerusalem had never been a condition for peace talks -- HE was the one who injected THAT into the peace talks and the Palestinians slapped themselves on the forehead and said, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

To counter obvious reluctance, Secretary Kerry was willing to backtrack on a subject that he has, at least publicly, held strong objections -- the release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

Yeah, Secretary Kerry was against Pollard’s release before he was for it.

To “sweeten” the pot for Netanyahu, debka is reporting that Kerry dangled the prospect, not promise, but prospect of releasing Pollard in exchange for Netanyahu accepting Abbas’ far-reaching demands.


Kerry agreed to put the squeeze on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yet again. He even dangled the ultimate inducement of the possible release (no promises) of Jonathan Pollard, who has served 30 years of a life sentence in a US jail for spying for Israel.

Netanyahu has been fighting for Pollard’s freedom for more than 16 years, hoping that repeated US-initiated peace negotiations with the Palestinians would provide an opening. He came close to success in 1998 when President Bill Clinton promised to release him, but then recanted in the face of furious CIA objections. . . .

Administrations sources in Washington confirmed that the Pollard case would be open to discussion on certain conditions – i.e. further and bigger concessions to the Palestinians.

And here is something that is really disturbing (again, emphasis mine):

Appreciating the high value of the Pollard card, the US Secretary tried using it as a lever to extract a really major Israel concession, beyond even the latest Palestinians demands. He pushed Netanyahu hard for a far-reaching step capable of generating a dramatic breakthrough for the US peace effort he is leading. . . .

So instead of shuttling back and forth between Jerusalem and Ramallah, Kerry spent most of Monday night and again Tuesday morning leaning heavily on Netanyahu for an ultimate concession for the ultimate prize of a freed Pollard.

We are not told what the “really major Israel concession, BEYOND even the latest Palestinians demans” is. WHAT did the administration ask for? WHAT did they push for? WHAT was BEYOND EVEN what the Palestinians had asked for?

We are not told.

Debka offers two answers as to why Kerry was pushing Netanyahu so hard to concede.

1. President Barack Obama, unwilling to be associated with the imminent collapse of yet another US-sponsored Middle East peace effort, made it clear that he has not made up his mind about Pollard’s release.

2. He (Kerry) turned to Netanyahu because Abbas is frozen immovably in demand mode.

Jonathan Pollard, in the meantime, has put in his two cents worth -- while he would like to get out of prison, he does not want his freedom if it means that Netanyahu will cave and let 100s of Palestinian terrorists go free.

So here we have it.

The talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians have broken down, in a big way. The terrorists did what terrorists do -- make bigger demands, demands too big to meet.

And then our Secretary of State, most likely with the President’s knowledge, pushed for “something” from Netanyahu, we are not told what that “something” was that BEYOND EVEN what the Palestinians had asked for.

Debka concludes where the situation is now, and uses some interesting words to summarize.

Those obstacles were still in force when the US Secretary flew out to Brussels Tuesday morning after a second round of talks with Netanyahu. What he managed to do was to shift the focus of US-Israeli-Palestinian negotiations to new terrain – American.

We have the words “shift” “focus” “terrain” and “American.” Those words are used to describe where the peace process is now. But those words can also be used to describe earthquakesEven the "10-fold" increase in prisoner release is intriguing, because on the Richter scale, each magnitude is a "10-fold" increase in power. An 8.3 is ten times stronger than an 8.2.

As I close part 2 of this post, reports are still coming in of the incredible 8.2 earthquake that struck off Iquique, Chile late last night. The earthquake struck 60 miles off the coast and generated a tsunami that has already struck the coastline wreaking havoc with fishing boats and homes and buildings close to the waterline. There have been numerous reports of collapsed buildings, fires, damage to the airport and several casualties.

Thousands of earthquake-hit Chileans return home as country calls off tsunami alert after 8.2 tremor leaves six dead and forces evacuations along the entire coast

Chile had already experienced a strong 6.7 earthquake on March 16. Many were hoping that that was the main quake and any further earthquakes would be less in intensity. That turned out not to be the case.

Interesting that Drudge noted that 300 prisoners escaped following the Chile earthquake.

L.A. experienced a strong 5.1 on the 28th. Like Chile, there had also been a strong quake a few days before -- a 4.7 earthquake on March 17. And even prior to that, on March 10, there was a strong 6.9 just off Humboldt, California. On March 13, a rare whale event occurred in which nearly 100 rarely seen false killer whales were observed in a giant pod.


March has been busy for notable earthquakes in both North, as well as now South, America, as Obama and Kerry exert tremendous pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israelis to make “far-reaching” concessions in the name of peace.

Earthquakes occur because of pressure -- pressure that builds until something gives.  That is what we are witnessing with the peace process -- Obama and Kerry are exerting pressure on Netanyahu until he gives.

President Obama is leaving behind in his wake one foreign policy blunder after another. Debka makes it clear that he does not want to be associated with failure where the peace talks are concerned. What pressure is he willing to exert to get his legacy? What is it that he wants, even BEYOND what the Palestinians demanded?




I know, I am a broken record here. Sorry. But some of my readers would be shocked by how often I am accused of witchcraft and divination for trying to “predict” the future by scanning headlines and trying “to read” them like “tea leaves” or “animal intestines,” or throwing the headlines like “runes” and trying to fortune tell.

If that’s the case, then there’s no point in looking both ways before stepping out in traffic, and there’s no point in telling the grandkids not to play in the street, and there’s no point in watching the weather BECAUSE I MIGHT anticipate something bad could happen, and since that is the same as PREDICTING, then that is the same as fortune-telling, so better not pay attention.

I understand the real point of such trolling is to discourage me from posting. Not gonna happenI have stated time and time again that the purpose of this blog is to note events that happen on the same day or within 24-48 hours of peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians or talks or events with Iran's nuclear program.  And that's exactly what I am doing.

Pastor John Kilpatrick, who has stated that he believes that there is coming a day when a great storm will come against the dollar (which that certainly may be underway) and the New Madrid will rumble to life again, has said that when we come against Israel, it is not prophesying, you can plain predict that something will happen.

Too many people who stop and study the matter see this is true time and time again.

So it’s not divination. It is stating there is a pattern and it can be seen repeatedly.

Also, I don’t know who said it but it appears to be true: God judges individuals in eternity; He judges nations in real time.

Footnote 2:

By mentioning The Vision: The Trigger, I am NOT saying that the mudslide that occurred is fulfillment of what Daniel saw, because it is not. What I am saying is that the mudslide reminded me of what Daniel saw, and I was noting the timing of Obama tweeting a picture of him on a abyss just ahead of talks with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and the occurrence of the mudslide, which occurred on the same day that Abbas said, “No,” to Obama on three core issues. Abbas’ “No” surely meant that Obama would increase pressure on Netanyahu to salvage the situation that Abbas was damaging.