Thursday, April 3, 2014


March 28th, our watch day, President Obama travels to Saudi Arabia.

The House of Saud has NOT been happy with President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, especially where Egypt, Iran, and Syria are concerned.

Presumably, Obama’s trip was to “smoothe” any concerns that the King may have had. We know that President Obama does care for the King because when Obama was first elected President in 2009, one of the first things he did was go on an “apology” tour and was photographed bowing to the King.

Now comes this curious event from the Obama-Saud meeting that indicates something went, shall we say, awry.

Let’s look at the curious parallel to an event four years ago, almost to the day!

One of the blogs I check out pretty much every day is Nice Deb. Nice Deb has this post dated April 1:

The Curious Case of Obama’s Cancelled State Dinner In Saudi Arabia


The official word from the State Dept. is that the president’s trip to Saudi Arabia to “ease tensions” over US foreign policy in Egypt, Syria and Iran, brought the Americans and Saudis closer together, but there are indicators that things did not go terribly well. Reportedly, King Abdulah did not dispatch ”top royals” to the airport to greet Obama when he came in, nor were any sent to see him off. A state dinner that was planned, was called off, and after only a two hour talk, Obama left the king’s desert oasis outside the capital of Riyadh.

This “called off” state dinner occurred March 28.

Let’s flashback to March 25, 2010.

Reports: Netanyahu 'Humiliated' by Obama Snub

Remember? It was reported that President Obama walked out of a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and went to eat with his family leaving Netanyahu standing there.


For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of. Yet that is how Benjamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip viewed in Jerusalem as a humiliation.

And why did President Obama do this?

After failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlements, Obama walked out of his meeting with Netanyahu but invited him to stay at the White House, consult with advisers and “let me know if there is anything new”, a U.S. congressman, who spoke to the Prime Minister, said.

“It was awful,” the congressman said. One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages”. . . “ (See Footnote)

That’s right! President Obama wanted some concessions, written concessions, right then and there on no more housing being built in Jerusalem, and when Benjamin Netanyahu did not comply, President Obama “humiliated” him.

By denying Netanyahu the opportunity to dine with his family.

This incident was not alone. A prior incident had occurred with Joe Biden, in which, during a visit to Jerusalem, he had been invited to dine with Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife at their residence, but Biden made them wait almost two hours in a very public snub of the Netanyahu’s cordiality.

I wrote about these two incidences.


Now, four years later, we are hearing of a snub from the Saudis to Obama involving food. Nice Deb writes in her post that the State Department is denying that they ever mentioned a state dinner for President Obama, although it is clear that it was tweeted (tweet now deleted), and that hard copies of Obama’s schedule that were handed out to the press had to be returned.


On March 28, Bill Hennessy reported that the White House did not downplay the schedule change – they tried to deny that one took place at all.

The White House is now denying there was dinner scheduled. They’ve scrubbed all references from the White House web site, they’ve demanded return of printed copies of the schedule (and the state media complied). They’ve even deleted a State Department tweet about the dinner.


It is clear we are not to know that Obama was denied an honor, that of having an official meal with the King.

We have noted a pattern, repeatedly, that what is done to Israel is done unto us, and many a time that “done unto us” part has been exact. President Obama denied food to Netanyahu and Biden publicly snubbed his dinner invitation, and now it was done to Obama by the Saudis.  It appears that an invitation to a state dinner was rescinded.

Nearly 4 years to the day!

But there may even be more in this mix.

The visit between Obama and the Saudis occurred March 28. On Monday, April 1, we heard that Abbas walked away from the peace talks by doing something he, as a concession for peace talks, had agreed prior not to do -- appeal to the UN before the end of April in a bid for a Palestinian state.

Could there be something to this timing considering it came with 48 hours of the Obama-Saudi meeting?

Could there be something to the fact the breakdown occurred on April "Fool's" Day?

Was April 1st as good a day as any to send a message that someone was a "fool"?

Flashback to October 2013.

The world from here: Will the Saudis now derail Palestinian Israeli peace talks?

Excerpt (emphasis mine):

It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah is fuming over Washington’s Middle East policies. The recent public rupture between Riyadh and Washington may be the worst crisis in relations with America’s top Arab ally since the close relationship was established more than 80 years ago. . . .

Saudi exasperation may also derail Palestinian and Israeli peace talks. . . .

According to a source close to the Palestinian leadership, the Saudis told visiting Palestinian Authority senior officials during the Haj pilgrimage that the Saudis expect the Palestinians to distance themselves from the US in support of the Saudi rift with Washington.

The Saudis annual contribution of tens of millions of dollars to the PA budget should ensure that PA President Mahmoud Abbas honors the request.

The source close to the PA leadership also indicated that it would be reasonable to expect hard line Saudi statements and pressure against any Palestinian concessions or compromises.

. . . the Saudis also realize how important solving the Palestinian problem is for the Obama administration.

And with the Saudi leadership realizing that it has no current replacement for its critical Middle East partnership with Washington, Abdullah may be more than ready to torpedo the Middle East peace process and sacrifice the Palestinians in a desperate effort to get the Obama administration to save the Middle East.

So . . . it is clear that for some time now the Saudis have been ‘fuming’ over the way President Obama has been handling situations in the Middle East. That “fuming’ has led them to be willing to publicly humiliate President Obama in the peace talks for no other reason than because the talks are important to him.

Really think about that.

We, here in the U.S., have seen on more than one occasion how President Obama handles those whom he considers adversaries (polite word for ‘enemies’), particularly in the GOP or the Tea Party, who don’t agree with him. He has no problem publicly being contemptuous,condescending or snarky. And those are the polite words.

Don’t like Paul Ryan’s budget plan?

Invite him to hear you speak, sit him on the front row, then publicly “b****h” slap him.

Don’t like Eric Cantor’s reluctance in debt ceiling talks?

Invite him to the White House, sit him at the table, and then publicly remind him that “elections have consequences.”

Don’t like John McCain’s attempts to resolve budget differences?

Invite him to the White House, sit him at the table, and then publicly remind him ‘who won’ and ‘who lost’ in the last election.

Don’t like that certain Iranian scientists have died?

Invite the New York Times, or some media like that, to the White House and then publicly publish that the Israelis ‘need to stop that.’

Don’t like it that the Israelis have slowed the nuclear program with a computer virus?

Get the NY Times back in the Oval House and once more publicly publish that the Israelis “ain’t all that,” the U.S. came up with that virus.

Don’t like U.S. citizens, or as President Obama frequently refers to them, folks, complaining to their representatives about Obamacare to the point that said representatives shut down the government in protest?

Then demand the formerly helpful and friendly National Park Service officers put on their black boots and erect barricades in front of an open-air WW2 memorial so wounded vets in wheelchairs can’t pay their respects to their fallen buddies, put up cones in front of Mt Rushmore, put tourists at Yellowstone under a form of house arrest where they don't dare watch Old Faithful erupt and make sure that that “old” couple who has lived in Yellowstone Park for about 20 years vacate their home.

And, oh, yeah! make sure funds to help children with cancer stay put in the bank because as Obama’s faithful ally Senator Reid made plain in so many words, “Why would we want to give funds during the shutdown that help children?"

That will teach said citizens to complain to their representatives!

All that to say this:

We can almost guarantee that President Obama went into that meeting with the Saudis with the view that his opinions on Iran, Syria, Egypt, Crimea and the peace talks were the only right opinions in the room. We have seen him do this time and time again. He is convinced that he is the only one in the room who has got it right. Never mind that he’s never lived in the Middle East, and that region has many unique problems.

Whatever happened, he was sent off without dinner and without any top level diplomat to escort him.

Almost how Benjamin Netanyahu was left to leave the White House on his own, right?

NEXT THING WE KNOW, the Palestinians have imploded the peace talks.

What did our debka article tell us yesterday?

debkafile’s sources report that the US Secretary’s plan to visit Ramallah and Jerusalem Wednesday, April 2, to tie up the last ends of his new package, is now up in the air, the subject of frantic consultations in Washington.

The purpose of Kerry’s visit was to “tie up the last ends of his new package.” It appears that he went there with the belief that he was now on the 1-yard line to having this done. Who knows, but some printer back in Washington, D.C., may have been putting the final touches on the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

Right along with the Obamacare "7 million!" banner.

But what happens instead?

Abbas presents Kerry with a whole new list of demands of Israel, if peace talks are to continue. Impossible demands. Demands that could possibly collapse Netanyahu’s coalition, and would have certain members of the Knesset in an uproar, not to mention the Israeli public.

And as ridiculous as the demands are, Kerry still presents them to Netanyahu AND spends valuable time PRESSURING Netanyahu to concede to them!

After meeting with Obama, did the Saudis make a phone call? Isn’t the timing of this just a little suspect? It was clear back in October, before even meeting with Obama, that the Saudis were so ticked off at him that they were willing to have a hand in derailing the peace talks simply because they understood how important this matter is to Obama.

The Saudis may have withheld pressure from Abbas at that time simply so the terrorists that Israel promised to release would be released. That is simply a guess as we don’t know for sure why they didn’t go ahead and collapse the talks back in the Fall when it is clear there were murmurings about doing such a thing.

Now, they met with Obama on Friday, March 28, and spoke to him about situations that matter to them very much. By the end of that meeting, dinner had been cancelled and Obama was out the door with no one from the House of Saud accompanying him, according to the report.

And by Monday, the peace talks are completely derailed.



Note in the article that Netanyahu and his team did not wish to use the telephones at the White House because they were concerned that their conversations would be listened to. Now, we know that concern was totally legitimate.