Friday, April 4, 2014


Interesting timing: the peace talks collapsed on Tuesday, and the 6-month interim deal between P5+1 and Iran ended yesterday.

But first, the first story I saw this morning from Yahoo when I logged on is that because of "negative steps from both sides," the peace talks appear to have collapsed.

Most of us had already gathered that. But Secretary John Kerry commented on the talks earlier today. Speaking from Morocco, Secretary Kerry says the U.S. will be "re-evaluating" what the U.S. will do about the talks, and then he cautioned that there is only so much the U.S. can do.

I bet.

Interesting that he spoke from Morocco. In the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman rose up out of a pit to chants from prisoners (no less!)of "Rise! Rise!" using the Moroccan word.

Such strange things are in our movies nowadays, no?

It appears that the Israel National News also has concerns about that meeting on March 28, between President Obama and the Saudi Arabians. Mark Langfan's opinion piece suggests that there may be some dots to connect on what really went on in that meeting. Like . . . the Saudis didn't hear what they wanted to hear from Obama concerning Iran.

President Obama's interactions with Israel since taking office in 2009, has consisted of two main efforts: pressure Israel into giving up the West Bank and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, and prevent Israel from interfering with Iran's nuclear program. President Obama has made it abundantly clear throughout his presidency that any Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities is completely unacceptable.

However, Langfan concludes his piece with his thoughts on precisely that scenario:

For Obama, after he creates a “West Bank” Palestinian state and/or if Iran develops a nuclear bomb, saving 6 million Jews will be outside “the United States’ limits.”

Israel is going to have to face Iran without the U.S., and possibly with Obama defending Iran by giving Iran a head’s-up warning when Israel launches any attack.

Obama's Kiss of Death to Saudi Arabia

Keeping with Iran, debka is noting that Russia apparently tossed a hot potato into Obama's lap yesterday, making good on a threat about any sanctions coming from Obama. Read it fast; debka doesn't keep its articles up for long.

Russia to back Iran in nuclear talks - Moscow’s “April surprise” for Western sanctions over Ukraine

The debka article goes on to note that an Iranian official openly boasted of how the Iranians took advantage of the six months to work on certain areas of their program that were not addressed in talks with the P5+1. AND the official seem to take a swipe at a boast from President Obama.

Referring to US President Barack Obama’s public statement last November that Iran had agreed to halt the Arak reactor project, Saleh pointed out: “The Arak reactor was never in operation for it to cease.”


Not only is Russia now openly backing Iran in the nuclear talks in defiance of certain Western powers in general, and probably President Obama in particular, the Russians also gave the U.S. some advice about their take-over of Crimea.

Russia to U.S. on Crimea annexation: Accept it and move on

Yep, they told us to "get over it."

Obama is either mocked (relentlessly, no less) over Russia or Obamacare. We all have seen cartoon after cartoon after cartoon. It's always interesting, however, when someone out there manages to effectively combine the two.

Obama’s Foreign Policy. . .

And it's always interesting to see how the peace process and Obamacare are often intertwined. For instance, when I clicked on this article about Julie Boonstra, the cancer patient who lost access to the cancer medications she had been taking because the insurance offered to her thru Obamacare didn't cover the meds, I noticed the embedded video from FOX News. Though Bret Baer is reporting on Boonstra, you can see that the collapse of the peace talks was scrolling underneath. Remember, when the government shut down back in October over protests from certain House Representatives over Obamacare, Benjamin Netanyahu had been here in the U.S. to meet with President Obama about the peace talks and Iran. And later, when Netanyahu spoke at the U.N. General Assembly, he spoke from the podium while the U.S. government was officially shutdown. An incredible sign, indeed!

AFP Cancer patient getting death threats

Screen shot of the embedded video:

In the meantime, scientists are saying that there is nothing to the quakes in Yellowstone. In fact, Peter Cervelli, a scientist who has this REALLY long title (associate director for science and technology at the U.S. Geological Survey's Volcano Science Center in California), claims, ". . . neither the quake, the largest among hundreds that have struck near the geyser basin in the last seven months, nor the uplift suggest an eruption sooner than tens of thousands of years." (emphasis mine)

And that the video of bison running was just the bison feeling "frisky" that day.

Scientists Dismiss Claims That Yellowstone Volcano About to Erupt

Take from that what you will.